Information and Sneak Peeks of Club Penguin’s Upcoming New Puffle Wild App

As I posted roughly a month ago, Club Penguin is soon to release a new app called Puffle Wild. While a release date is still unknown, it seems like it will be sooner rather than later as more information about the app has been found by V0rtex. As per V0rtex’s request I have watermarked the images. You are free to use these images on your blog however I cannot give out unwatermarked ones. Sorry folks!

Anyway, here is what you can do in Puffle Wild:

-ACCESS ALL the unique puffles, each with a special power
-OPEN ALL the power platforms, and use puffles to help blast O’berries

You will be able to login to your penguin in the app, and if you are a member you will unlock the following extra features:

-ACCESS all future updates, including bonus levels, power-up perches and more
-TAKE ALL puffle creatures back into the Club Penguin app

Now for an image of the app. It does kind of remind me of Candy Crush however it does seem to be a bit different.


Now for artwork of the app. You can see a Bunny Puffle, (Rein?)Deer Puffle, and Unicorn Puffle.


Very cool! That Bunny Puffle sure looks thrilled, lol. Thanks again for the sneak peeks, V0rtex!

55 thoughts on “Information and Sneak Peeks of Club Penguin’s Upcoming New Puffle Wild App

  1. Again only for iOS for sure… It isn’t that hard for them to make this app also for Android. It’s Disney! For sure they have people who can do it. I understand that they make Android’s version of Club Penguin app so long, that is a HUGE app. But that game is simply and no complex at all.

      • i mean that its copying candy crush and bejeweled not that its too expensive. and even if it is freemium im ok with that bc disney and cp need to make $, theres obvi gonna be some purchase involved w this app. if there wasnt, it would be a waste of resources and $$$$$$$$$$$

        • on some devices they cost money but not on others. i tried to get a game my cousin got for free on his samsung tab but it cosst money on my mom’s kindle fire.

  2. There are Bunny, Unicorn, Reindeer Puffles… WHAT?!? Many puffles… I miss old Club Penguin, they didn’t release many puffles. They used to release only a puffle for a year.

  3. Hey Trainman,

    Do you think those puffles will dig up new “rare” items like the Gold Puffles and the Dino Puffles did?


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    • It seems like you will be able to get some rare Puffles and they will be transferred to your Club Penguin account.

  7. This is Awesome!! If my Mom lets me download it on her Phone, Then I’ll get them!! Unicorns, Rabbits, and More! You all get it on the Puffle Wild App! LOL
    Untill Then… Ham On!

  8. What if Club Penguin was working with Apple and developing IOS-only apps to promote the iPad and get more people to buy it, and Apple was paying them in return? It’s a conspiracy!

  9. Trainman1405,

    There currently a bug on the CP app 1.5 where non-members are able to buy all the members only stuff!!!

    Enjoy while it lasts!!!

  10. Okay, Club Penguin, Instead of making all these applications for iOS, how about you make the My Penguin app for Android? About 65.4% of smartphones in the world are Android and 14% is iOS (Based on Q2 2014 Data). So please, make it for Android!

      • I think they are doing My Penguin, or as they call it now, The Club Penguin App, for Android but coding for C++ (the required coding for Android) is harder than coding for the iOS apps. Club Penguin will have many people working on the different things, though. We should just be grateful we have parties on CP, and just CP in general

    • Andriod/Samsung devices are terrible, my opinion. They always freeze all the time and having games such as Sled Racer, you will always loose. :|

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