Reminder: Club Penguin Updates Tonight!

Club Penguin is updating tonight. This is their forty fourth update week of 2014. This week contains a minor amount of updates. The expected updates this week are as follows:

  • New Pin
  • Club Penguin Times Issue 471
  • As always there will likely be a new EPF message on your spy phone later in the day

If you have not already done the following I recommend you do so before Club Penguin updates.

Posts related to tonight’s updates include:

  • None

6 thoughts on “Reminder: Club Penguin Updates Tonight!

  1. Train, it just turned midnight not to long ago on cp time, like two three minutes… WHY ARE YOU UP RIGHT NOW!?! Why am. I? Sssssh… secrets!

        • They always post at midnight PST because that’s when “cp updates tonight” begins and gives people a little under 24 hours to see the post before they update.

  2. You should do another post about the current EPF state. It’s been another year since the last one, and the EPF is not doing good… but first you need to post your Ask Trainman. :P

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