Penguin of the Week: Wheels0302

By / October 24, 2014

Uh oh, once again Daffodaily failed and posted a Penguin of the Week on Friday instead of Thursday like she’s been meaning to. Oh well! :-P This week’s penguin of the week is Wheels0302.

Here’s why Wheels was chosen:

Wheels0302 is a kind penguin who really looks out for others and speaks out against bullying online. He likes to help spread the word about this important message by getting other players involved with hosting anti-bullying parties in Club Penguin! Great job!


That’s fantastic! I really like your outfit, Wheels.

If there is a penguin you would like to nominate for Penguin of the Week you can do so by emailing or commenting on Club Penguin’s blog. Be sure to include the penguin’s name and reason why they should be picked! All featured penguins receive 10,000 coins and the special Penguin of the Week Background.

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Psh, how come they never pick me? Like they probably don’t listen and just pick someone not nominated. Not being rude CP.