Penguin of the Week: Bubby008

This week’s Penguin of the Week has been posted! In case you have not yet heard, Daffodaily is now doing POTW on Thursdays. Anyway, this week’s featured penguin is Bubby008. Here’s what Daffo said about them:

Bubby008 is an ace penguin pal. They’ve got loads of great buddies (loves to go out shopping with them on the island) and always looks out for others. They recently helped settle a disagreement between two penguins and made sure they were friends again afterwards! How brill is that? Looks like they’re getting into the Halloween spirit too! *Howls*


That’s very brill! Congratulations Bubby.

If there is a penguin you would like to nominate for Penguin of the Week you can do so by emailing or commenting on Club Penguin’s blog. Be sure to include the penguin’s name and reason why they should be picked! All featured penguins receive 10,000 coins and the special Penguin of the Week Background.

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