Club Penguin Blog: New Recipes – Pumpkin Soup and Cucumber Salad

By / October 7, 2014

Yesterday Lilac Ren made a new post on Club Penguin’s blog to talk about the two new recipes Club Penguin has added to their website. Here is her post:

My name is Lilac Ren and I’m a writer here at Club Penguin! Some of you may have seen me around the island before, but did you know, part of my job is to create the recipes, arts & crafts, and outdoor activities?

This month we created TWO new recipes that I’m super excited about. Curry Pumpkin Soup (pumpkin is my favorite vegetable) and Cucumber Salad.


You can check out all our recipes by visiting this page:

And if you try out the pumpkin soup and cucumber salad recipes, let me know which one is your favorite in the comments!

Now, I may not have made that particular recipe, however I can say that pumpkin soup is very good!

The following page has been updated:

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