Penguin of the Week: Pinga0913

Last Friday Daffodaily5 posted the new Penguin of the Week, Pinga0913. Here’s what Daffo had to say about Pinga:

This week’s POTW is a worthy winner; Pinga0913 is a kind, thoughtful and considerate online friend, always willing to help her buddies out and send nice postcards when they’re feeling blue. That’s in addition to having a good eye for igloo design, always being up for some EPF role play and giving new players EPIC tours! Great stuff! :)


Good job, Pinga! I like your igloo design.

If there is a penguin you would like to nominate for Penguin of the Week you can do so by emailing or commenting on Club Penguin’s blog. Be sure to include the penguin’s name and reason why they should be picked!

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