On This Day In Club Penguin History – September 20

On September 20th in Club Penguin’s past there have been updates in 2010 and 2012. In 2010 there was a new field op and in 2012 there was a new pin, that year’s Fair party, and more.

The field op released in 2010 was the 15th one overall. The orders from Gary for the 15th field op were as follows:

The scanner is only half done, but it’s already damaged. Someone is sabotaging us!

Work together to find the broken part, and restart the system. It’s disguised as a buoy.

It was located at the Beach, next to the Lighthouse were the supplies are. The game was the one where you have the five falling items and have to match your piece up with it before it falls on you.

In 2012 there were several different updates. The most minor ones were a new logoff screen advertising next month’s Halloween Party. The other minor update was a font change in your speech bubble and also on popups such as ones saying “You already have this item”. Also in 2012 there was a new field op. This was the 100th one. You had to go to the Ski Hill and play the mini-game to power up the chipset. After that you would get a field op medal which could be used to purchase spy gear.


The final two updates in 2012 were a new pin and that year’s Fair. The new pin was the Triple Scoop Pin and it could be found in the Ski Lodge. This was Club Penguin’s 219th pin. The 2012 Fair was Club Penguin’s sixth Fair. Like all of the past Fairs it had games you could play to earn tickets from and then redeem for special items at the ticket booths.


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16 thoughts on “On This Day In Club Penguin History – September 20

  1. Thinking about it, in my personal opinion, the Halloween Party 2012 was the best Halloween Party I’ve ever experienced. Good storyline, awesome music, items, rooms, decoration, and other additional content such as the Ghost transformation.

    Not sure if to be hyped for Halloween Party 2014, since chances are CP will screw it up like most parties nowadays such as Music Jam 2014, or other parties that feel “incomplete” (Frozen Party, Puffle Party 2014, School & Skate Party…)

    Worst of all, most people were hyped for Operation: Ninja to occur this year, but guess what, apparently the November Party is a Story Party T_T (http://img1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20140921222347/clubpenguin/es/images/9/9c/1sokrat.jpg) This might mean no Card-Jitsu NOR EPF action this year (Future Party does not count since technically, it’s the Extra Planetary Federation – The EPF in the future which does not really feel as the EPF).

    Overall opinion of this year – Boring, overhyped, unexpected :/

    • That’s why I think Club Penguin is sealing their own fate against the CPPS’s. Story time party? What the… I feel Chris Heatherly has to wake up and realize he’s sending Club Penguin down a cliff….. Agreed with you completely Phineas!

  2. That halloween party was my complete favorite hands down. Turning into ghosts, music, rooms, items, they all fit in. I also loved the Underwater party, and operation blackout was pretty cool. But other parties, blah. The rooms suck (incomplete), nothing to do, get something done in 4 minutes (or less unless your a newbie..), and then pretty much its over. Cp, omg get better parties. I got so INSANELY hyped for the Music Jam 2013 with “A new lei” and we all thought blue lei. NOPE JUST AN UGLY RED ONE…

    My favorite party has been Halloween, November, and December (christmas) parties. The music, the rooms, its awesome. I miss old Club Penguin. Im crying btw tbh. Ive moved to Minecraft and still play CP, and Minecraft is more fun than CP.

    Old CP and Minecraft would tie for a win right now. But new CP loses to Minecraft in many ways.
    Minecraft = Imagination flow
    OLD CP = Epic parties, awesome items, fun quests

    Minecraft = New servers, Youtubers, new blocks and items (Like Sea temples, bunnies, guardian fish + elders)
    New CP = Quests that take 4 minutes and then NOTHING else to do pretty much, Body items make you look fat, more competitive which means doing the same thing OVER AND OVER to get points, and the body items are horrible

    Not being a hater, just honest opinions.
    Also, if I die tell Saraapril she was right.


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