Penguin of the Week: Behappy80

The new Penguin of the Week is out! This time the chosen penguin is Behappy80. This is what Daffodaily had to say about this fine flippered fellow:

Let’s all give a big congrats to Behappy80! He’s such a kind penguin to both new and old players and is always willing to help players who are just finding their flippers on the island. If you’re ever feeling a bit blue, you can be sure Behappy80 will lend a friendly ear and have a chat with you. P.S. Loving the glasses! :D


Great job Behappy! I like the positive message in your username and also your outfit.

If there is a penguin you would like to nominate for Penguin of the Week you can do so by emailing or commenting on Club Penguin’s blog. Make sure you include the penguin’s name and reason why they should be picked.

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