Club Penguin Officially Announces Sled Racing for iOS

In case you didn’t believe my post from earlier in this week, here’s confirmation: today Club Penguin has officially announced they are bringing their popular Sled Racing game to mobile devices. Here is what Megg wrote on the official blog:

Exciting news!

The team is working on creating a new mini-game app for iOS devices. The best part? It’s a free download! We’ll soon be releasing an exciting and insanely epic Sled Racer app! Can you tell that I’m stoked?

Like the mini game on web, you’ll be racing down high speed sled runs. But this time, the aim is to see how far you can go! A new fast-paced challenge? Holla!

Here’s a screenshot from when I was testing out the game:


Are you as excited as I am?! Let us know what you think in the comments.

Waddle on,

-Club Penguin Team

The first thing I thought of when I saw the sneak peek image is that it looks a lot like Club Penguin Game Day for Wii due to the 3D. A release date has not been provided.

The following page has been updated:

14 thoughts on “Club Penguin Officially Announces Sled Racing for iOS

    • Looks like the CP Team STILL doesn’t understand that some players DON’T HAVE THE MONEY FOR APPLE STUFF! >:(
      Seriously, this is starting to get ridiculous! Instead of making the Club Penguin app for Android, they’re just making more apps for iOS! It’s not fair! :(

      • I understand it’s hard to do, instead of giving us android users the app, they give more stuff for apple users.

      • It will take time. They cant do it so fast like… “OKAY LETS DO SOMETHING FOR ANDROID!” five seconds later… “OKAY ITS DONE!” Its really hard to do that. They have code, take time, use internet tools, and thats true.

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