Club Penguin Adds Unknown Mascot Named “??????” Along With Mystery Background To Files

Remember that mysterious new mascot found a few days ago? Club Penguin has added more information to their files…

First off, in their files they gave it a name, however it is not too revealing. Its name is currently set as “??????”.

Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 12.18.43 AM

They also gave the mascot a giveaway background. Here is what it will look like. This background will be called the Mystery Background.

Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 12.18.29 AM

Gosh, we need more clues to figure out this mystery! :-P

Thanks Penguin15750!

66 thoughts on “Club Penguin Adds Unknown Mascot Named “??????” Along With Mystery Background To Files

    • it has nothing to do with frozen!its the new mascot! the yeti! that lives on the ski hill in the cave!if you want to know more details check out cpworld on youtube!

  1. Phineas99cp about the EPF or Club herbert that might be Herbert covered in mud as a disguise! this creature could be captured washed down and poof its herbert P.Bear.

    Just suggesting…

    waddle on

    • well its not herbert! its the yeti the new mascot in clubpenguin it lives in the cave on the ski hill and thats just him in the shadows! If you wanna know more details check out cpworld on youtube!

  2. Hi

    I think that is the mascots name, I wonder when his sprite is released if it’s gonna be a costume attached with a beta hat or a costume with beta hat separately.

  3. Personally, I think it’s a new Mascot. I must say, I find it interesting that there are small patches of Forest on/around the Tallest Mountain. Club Penguin also mentioned the Tallest Mountain in this week’s Newspaper, which makes me even more curious.

      • A) The background is a jungle-like background, not an indoor cave background.
        B) Please stop with the CPWorld on Youtube thing, it’s really annoying. Thanks!

  4. Hi everyone,

    I made a vid of ????? please view it, It shows what he looks like and his everything

    The Link is Unlisted and it’s is made by me Haroonbg :)



  5. there’s a hack to add any mascot using its file name trainman!! can you add him for us? and say us a little bit information more?

  6. its a yeti remember the cave on the ski hill? thats where he lives he is a NEW mascot! if you want to know for details check out cp world on youtube! hope this helped!

    • Shes not a hacker. I see her ALL the time in the forest and she is not hacker looking.

      When I logged onto Abominable, I went directly to the forest and many people had the background.

    • She did not hack!!!!!!!! This is my friend and she met him at the same time I did on Abomnible. You can’t just assume like that. :/

    • Contact Club Penguin and report Honeypup34 and Megan0903 for hacking the background. Ever since that Item Hack incident in July, Club Penguin is doing a very good job catching people

        • It is not a hack. I asked Club Penguin about it because I didn’t know if it was a hacker controlling the mascot. I know Megan too and we both met this mascot at the same time. This is what Club Penguin replied to me:
          Hi there,

          Don’t worry, penguin pal — there is absolutely no way that other players can log into our mascots! We made sure of that, because we didn’t want players getting confused. So whenever you see a mascot online, whether it’s an old one or brand new one, it’s an official visit!

          So if you ran into that new mysterious creature, it was official and you can definitely keep your background and have it on your Friends List! What did you think of it? I think it looks so cool!

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  7. Trainman, I found a video of him. The channel name is Jessica Jack. They say its the first recorded sighting.
    -Krazi Cookie

  8. I SAW HIM!!!
    On Alaska 6:19 pm Sunday.
    Followed him from forest to mine shack down into mine shack then gold mine then lost him.
    Friended him and got background.
    He’s fast
    and a little grumpy.

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