Club Penguin’s Membership Page Updated With Music Jam 2014 Sneak Peeks

By / July 2, 2014

Because it is a new month Club Penguin has updated their membership page with some sneak peeks on what to expect this month! Unlike past months it does not give a sneak peek on what’s to come next month.Here is what members can do this month:

Screen Shot 2014-07-02 at 3.05.47 PM

Shop for Styles
Shark on deck! TONS of sea and sound looks available for members.

Get a Tour Bus
Rock out in the NEW Tour Bus Igloo for members starting July 10.

Save & Share Music
Starting July 17, members can SHARE their SoundStudio tracks in the Dance Club.

One thing I noticed is the membership page says members can share their tracks beginning July 17th, but the magazine issue says July 10th. So is the game being released on July 10th and then updated with the sharing feature a week later or did the magazine give the wrong date? Hmm…

UPDATE: Here’s what Polo Field said:

Launch date changed after this went to print because we needed more dev time.

So expect SoundStudio on July 17th instead of the 10th.

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luis ver

luis ver

Woow sharing music, i can’t believe it!! :D

Mobile 505

Mobile 505

So I’m guessing everyone can mix up tunes but only members can share them?

I should have seen that catch coming. Gaaaaah