Club Penguin Blog: August 2014 Party Announcement

Club Penguin has been hinting about a Frozen party for a few weeks now, however they have not officially announced it until today. Megg made a post on Club Penguin’s blog officially confirming that yes, the August 2014 party will indeed be a Frozen party.

There have been rumors floating around and some of you may have already seen some confirmation of this month’s party.

Well, here is your official Club Penguin Team-stamped confirmation seal of approval! (Did that even make sense?)


Everything is true! Club Penguin and Disney’s Frozen are coming together! :D

Stay tuned to the blog, as we’ll have more details and sneak peeks coming soon!

Waddle on,

-Club Penguin Team

Sorry for spoiling the surprise, Club Penguin. :-P

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22 thoughts on “Club Penguin Blog: August 2014 Party Announcement

  1. Saraapril dislikes this party, even though she said in her blog post she loves “Frozen”. I think she should just…

    Let it go…

  2. This is a parent here – my daughter has been trying since Aug 1 to access the Frozen theme on the computer and the iPad but it isn’t there. Does anyone know when can I tell her when it will be available?

    • The items will be available in the clothing catalogue beginning Thursday, August 7th and the actual party on the island will be available beginning Thursday, August 21st.

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