On This Day In Club Penguin History – June 16

On the 16th of June there were two updates in 2006. The beach room and first ever Summer Party were released!

Back in 2006 Club Penguin didn’t have nearly as many rooms as the game has now. There was no Stage, no Dojo, no Puffle Hotel, Forest, Cove, etc. There was no Beach, either, until June 16th when it was released. However, back then you couldn’t enter the Lighthouse, though. There was a sign on the door saying it would be opening in the Fall. As for the Summer Party, compared to how parties are now it was very simple: just random summer-themed items placed around the island, such as a pool at the Ski Village and palm trees in the Town. The free items at the 2006 Summer Party were the Orange Floaties, Yellow Duck, Whistle, and Blue Lei, one of my favourite items.

Club Penguin Summer Party 2006 Night Club


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