Club Penguin’s Founder Is Working On a New Virtual World

Here’s something you may find interesting. Club Penguin’s creator and founder, Rsnail, has announced he is working on a next generation virtual world for kids.

I’m sure it is in its early stages and it will be some time until we hear more about it, but I wonder what it will be like and how it will be next generation. If it’s next generation that means it’ll likely be very different than Club Penguin feature wise and built to fit the social needs of the current generation of kids. I look forward to seeing what this is all about!

22 thoughts on “Club Penguin’s Founder Is Working On a New Virtual World

  1. Ooh.. Club Penguin 2 maybe? Like more modern stuff (Instead of Stage, its a cinema ect) or en entirely new game called something like Club Snails or Rocket Penguins lol!

  2. Nice! I might join myself! I’m proud to possibly be in the new generation of online virtual worlds! It would be nice to join and relax in a new original creation. :)

  3. Metoo I have never been rare ever! its really good that billybob/lance is making a new game for us to enjoy. and it might be fun too.

  4. Interesting. Hopefully it won’t affect drastically Club Penguin, considering he is the founder of the game we are playing right now, there could be a massive replacemente upon Rsnail’s game with CP.

  5. I hope it’s sort of like Club Penguin.
    Some of us can’t play those 3D worlds because they sort of swoop, so it hurts our eyes… we chose Club Penguin for the cousins to play because of that and the orientation of the rooms.
    So many sites have all the rooms with the corners down.
    It bugs me – I never look up at a room in the real world from a lower corner.

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