Club Penguin Blog: Penguin Cup Sneak Peek

As you may have already heard, the party in June on Club Penguin will be the Penguin Cup. As a sneak peek Polo Field posted two sketches on the blog to give a first look at what to expect at the party. With the little bit we can see so far it looks like it is going to be a fun party.

The stadium:


The news and interview room:


While only sketches, I think the Penguin Cup is going to be a lot of fun just like the 2006 Sports Party and 2008 Penguin Games were. The Penguin Cup begins June 19th.

The following page has been updated:

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  1. Awesome! I think that it will be one of the best parties! I love football, I’m very intrested in this year’s World Cup and finally we have a sport party on Club Penguin :D

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