Is Club Penguin Having An Interactive Museum Room At Next Month’s Party? My Guess Is No

These past few days some Club Penguin bloggers have been posting this image on their website and claiming it will be an interactive museum room at next month space/futuristic party. I doubt that. While yes, the image asĀ made for Club Penguin, its artist did not say when. Don’t believe me? See for yourself on the artist’s website here.

Screen Shot 2014-04-22 at 10.34.49 PM

This is all the artist said about the above image:

This is an environment I was asked to design for Disney Online Recruitment as an art test for their online children’s game “Club Penguin”. I decided to make an interactive museum and tried to match the style of other levels within the game.

Not once did they say it’s for a party. Not once did they say it’s going to be released. Right now what they drew for Club Penguin is concept artwork. It is simply artwork they drew for the game that may or may not be released some day. Don’t believe everything you read online. (except this post of course :P)

Cheers! If you need anything else debunked let me know.

Thanks to Tommy23456 and Pen50gi for bringing this to my attention.

12 thoughts on “Is Club Penguin Having An Interactive Museum Room At Next Month’s Party? My Guess Is No

  1. Haha Train “Except this post of course”. But yeah it may or may not be released. Could be. But maybe not. Right now it’s just something the artists was asked to draw. Good point!

  2. Next month is the Futuristic Party and Museums are about the past and whats happened in the past, so it doesnt make sense to have one at a Futuristic Party.

  3. So far the artwork looks really nice. I would like Disney (or the team in other words) to improve the room. I would like to see this room at least as a party room for next month’s party.

  4. Btw I can notice several paintings that are based of other famous paintings (Such as The Scream painting for example). I think they could also recycle the past paintings (Like the Mona Lisa) and use it on that room. It could be an effective way of giving past penguins a nostalgia

  5. You can tell it’s not going to come out “that” way sometime soon. Because the way the penguins are drawn? REALLY old!

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