Club Penguin Blog: May Party Sneak Peek

Club Penguin has now confirmed next month’s party is a Future¬†Party! Today on Club Penguin’s Blog Megg has posted some concept artwork for the upcoming party. At the future party penguins will be able to blast off into space.¬†Here are the concept images Club Penguin has released:



What do you expect to see at this party?

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22 thoughts on “Club Penguin Blog: May Party Sneak Peek

  1. Looks more like a “robot take over humanity” thing. Maybe we’ll just have to see. When they said future, I thought about wars, machines, and stuff. WARS. O.O

  2. I expect to see-

    -Time Trekker
    -Some hints that somehow relate to the Prehistoric Party (I remember there was a mention of G going to the future…)
    -Robot penguins
    -Cats with lasers
    -Internet (:0)

  3. I like the robot concepts in the post! A mecha with hot sauce, a mecha with Fish for hands, a puffle mecha and a Goo Shooter are very cool ideas.
    Can’t wait what the team has for us more about the future party!

  4. hey trainman! ok so i emailed club penguin a few times in the past about maybe 4 months ago about throwing a future party on club penguin. And so they did put my party idea in consideration! so yay!

  5. Could there be stuff like Mechmice Acedemy :-0 And we could have a Robot like the Mech in our battles. But maybe it’s not all about war….. And maybe we make Ice Lasers and Ice Sabers :-D

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