Club Penguin To Add Park Room

Club Penguin is adding a park room to Club Penguin in the near future! It looks like it will be behind the Pet Shop and linked to the Forest, however I may be wrong on that. I do not know when the room will be released, however I do know that it will be available on the Club Penguin app so it is safe to assume it will be available on regular Club Penguin too. The room is not completely filled in as shown in the image below, however you can get a general idea on what it looks like. A special thanks to V0rtex to passing the image along to me.


How do you like the park room?

52 thoughts on “Club Penguin To Add Park Room

  1. Hmm…it DOES look like they have puffle care stuff…

    Maybe they’re just trying to draw penguins to the hotel..but it looks kinda cool…

  2. You could be right. It does look like its linked to the Pet Shop and Forest. Could be part of a room from the prehistoric party.

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  4. Just like a dog park- it’s a puffle park. The door is either from the Pet Shop or Puffle Hotel and it possibly links in-between the Pizza Shop and the forest, but I could just be assuming.

  5. Whe o meet Boobar she said a new room is comming in puffle party in april. Later said new party. More animal puffles in april. More later said Star Wars return this year

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