Club Penguin EPF Room Updated

As anticipated, Club Penguin has finally released the all new EPF Command Room! It looks awesome. You can play Spy Drills, System Defender, sit at the table, lock up villains, and work in the lab amongst other things. Here is the room:

Screen Shot 2014-03-06 at 10.12.23 AM

How do you like it? Do you like the new design better than the old one?

The following page has been updated:

12 thoughts on “Club Penguin EPF Room Updated

  1. Herbert: Oh it seems your command room is working again, it would be a shame that someone decides to… Blow up it again (trollface)

  2. Something funny: Last year sometime, I had a dream that the EPF was finally finished, and it looked oddly similar to this…

  3. Herbert: *in the jail* Whats this blue shiny thing? Is it from my lightsaber? Let’s see. *touches* OW! It definitely isn’t something from my lightsaber *facepalm*

  4. Do you remember when everybody sits down and the room turns dark? Yeah that does not happen now :/ and where are missions?

  5. Attention all robbers! We need to grow!
    Come to the boiler room, our headquarters, or spread the word about us robbers!
    We are still SMALL, but with your help we can grow
    Tell everyone you know!

  6. How Come There Is no Spy Style? They Showed It With A Picture Of The Lockers Saying ‘Spy Style”. Whats That All About? Is That On A Other Server? [What I Mean Is The Spy Style On A Other Server.] Please Reply ASAP If You Can! -Pingutux4

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