Club Penguin Discussion – Do The Fair Prizes Cost Too Much This Year?

Club Penguin’s Fair has a lot of awesome stuff this year: rides, many new prizes, a whole new look, and more. But one thing I’ve noticed is that the prizes are more expensive and take a lot of time to earn compared to the event in previous years. For this post I will be comparing the prizes from the 2012 Fair, the most recent one, with this year’s Fair. Just like this year’s Fair, at the 2012 Fair there were prizes for nonmembers and also prizes for members. The games were the exact same for the most part, too. This was the complete Fair booth for nonmembers in 2012. Club Penguin did add more prizes in the second week of the Fair, and this is when the screenshot was taken:


The total cost of these seven items? 1,450 tickets. It is worth noting that almost all these items were returned but one…so if you already had every item like me you only needed to earn a minimum of 500 tickets to get the item you needed.

Now let’s example the Fair prizes for members. This Fair Booth only had two new items – the clown ones. That meant older players had to only get a minimum of 1,100 tickets to get what they needed, or to get every item from this booth they had to earn a total of 3,130 tickets.


Totalled up between the two booths, penguins needed to get 4,580 tickets minimum to earn every prize.

Now if you’re wondering where I’m going with all this (hopefully correct) math, you’ll see. Let’s review this year’s prizes:

Screen Shot 2014-02-25 at 4.24.26 PM

Screen Shot 2014-02-25 at 5.33.31 PM

Here are some numbers for you:

  • Total tickets needed for every nonmember prize: 10,600
  • Total tickets needed for every member prize (and only 1 Puffle Hat): 42,850
  • Total tickets needed for every prize (and only 1 Puffle Hat): 53,450
  • Total tickets needed for every prize and 40 of each Puffle Hat: 533,450
  • There are 18 prizes for members (15 if you don’t count hats and 6 of the items are returning)
  • There are 10 prizes for nonmembers, all brand new

To put things into perspective a little more, Club Penguin seems to have risen the cost of Fair items by roughly 3 times. At the 2012 Fair the Red Bumper cost 1,000 tickets but this year it is 3,000 tickets. The Sundae Surprise head item cost 300 tickets at the 2012 Fair but this year the Cool Down Hat, a remake of that item, is 1,000 tickets.

So think about it: 3,130 tickets for everything at the 2012 Fair compared to 53,450 minimum at this year’s Fair. I do realise there are more prizes this year, but a mixture of that and prizes being roughly 3 times the cost of what they used to be, I feel like I’m married to Club Penguin, and I don’t want to be. For those of you who don’t quite understand what I mean when I say I feel like I’m married to Club Penguin, I feel like I’m committed to the game against my will and that I have to spend several hours minimum to get enough tickets if I want to earn every item – which, since I like to collect just like many others, I have to do. It’s great parties are two weeks now – in 2007 it was common for parties to be 7-10 days long. (The Fair in 2007 was 10) However, in our busy lives we may not have time for Club Penguin each and every day. We might have a lot of homework some nights, we might be busy playing with friends on the weekends, maybe you have after school sports, maybe your parents limit your time spent on the computer, or maybe you have a family night or other hobbies outside of the computer. That 14 days to get enough tickets seems even harder.

One thing that would have been nice to combat the such high prices this year would be the silver ticket from the Daily Spin. For nonmembers they can use it on a Fair ride that is normally for members, but for members they earn 1,000 coins. While 1,000 coins is cool, 1,000 tickets instead would be even cooler. Or what about the ability to exchange coins for tickets? While that does kind of take away part of the fun of playing games at the Fair, it would be a neat feature. Or they could have a slot machine game at a future Fair where you deposit X amount of coins and hope you get a pattern and earn more coins back than what you deposited.

Screen Shot 2014-02-25 at 4.24.55 PM

While 1,000 coins is cool, 1,000 tickets instead would be even cooler.

Yes, I do understand these are just pixels on the computer and mean nothing in real life, but there is nothing wrong with wanting to collect every item on Club Penguin. With the exception of having missed a few for various reasons, I’ve collected every item available since I joined the game in August 2006. In the past the Fair prizes were reasonable priced, but now this year I’m not sure if I will have the time to get every item. The only way I see myself being able to is if I make some sacrifices to ensure I have enough time to earn the required amount of tickets to get at least one of every item, which is what I’m hoping to do. If you plan to take things to the extreme and get 40 of each Puffle Hat, then, well…good luck.

Let me know in the poll and comments below: do you think Club Penguin’s prizes this year are priced too high or do you consider it reasonable?

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As an afterthought….I wonder how many tickets I could have earned had I played games instead of taking the time to write this post.

59 thoughts on “Club Penguin Discussion – Do The Fair Prizes Cost Too Much This Year?

  1. Most people are using adders even knowing that it is wrong and dangerous, it’s just that, it’s IMPOSSIBLE to get enough tickets! It’s rather difficult to see most people using the games to get tickets now.

  2. i think there reasonable but not reasonable i choose other because i think club penguin has over priced the tickets to make the party not so boring I’m pretty sure me and a lot of other players get pretty bored of a party if there’s no items to earn or nothing really to do so i think they marked up the prices to keep players busy and so they don’t get bored of the party easily. But there is a negative to the marked up prices also i mean like you said some people have lives outside of the computer and don’t have all the time in the world to spend time playing club penguin all day so it is unfortunate for the people who can’t but i see you point also jut wanted to point that out.

    • Good point with making the party not boring. I agree, having something to do during the whole party is fun, however I personally think they went a little over the top this time.

  3. In the past Fairs, the price of the tickets were very low compared to this year’s Fair. In fact, you could earn all the prizes in one day and you would be bored after that. Well, the price of the tickets this year are really high. Maybe too high! But what I do like is that we don’t earn all the prizes in one day and therefore we spend more time playing the Fair games. I like the increased prices of the tickets, but it’s too high.

    Fun fact: The motorcycle item costs more tickets than one Puffle Hat. :P

    • I think it would have been better if items were rough double the cost of the 2012 Fair instead of triple the cost like they are now.

  4. Yes, yes they are. They’re way too expensive this year. Especially the puffle hats. At first I thought 4,000 tickets would get me 40 puffle hats, but when I only got one, I thought “what a ripoff”. Btw, thanks for making time to do a CP Discussion!

  5. I chose Other. My reason is because I feel by hard work earns a reward. But this? This looks really challenging.

    Comparing to the past Fairs, the prices were really low and because of The Fair 2012 had 3 new prizes, it was absolutely boring. However, I like challenges but I still think they went a little overboard…

    I believe a more reasonable price would be to have the Puffle Hats in half of what they cost right now. I like the idea of a Slot Machine and I find it creative. I also had an idea were you get inside a Pinball table and each time you would get many tickets by doing such things.

    I am planning to earn at least 12 puffle hats of each type of puffle hat or possibly more. Luckily I don’t have school on Friday, and next Monday and next Tuesday. But I still have my personal time also and I am also working to get Valentines Day items by TFM (Transformice; game of mice where you collect cheese and you use cheese to buy clothing. There is a leader which helps you complete a map. The usual length map is around 2 minutes – 2:30 minutes and some maps are challenging. You should try it, the game is fun! Link is my username is Roquesito).

    Worst of all, the minigames earn you few tickets. At least if they increased the tickets we usually earn by minigames like in Lunar Launch duplicate 25 tickets, then that could make things easier.

    Parties usually took like 3 – 7 days (Rarely 10 days) back in 2005 – 2010 but that’s because you just simply waddle over a box, collect the item and do nothing until the party ends. Parties nowadays are actually interesting and more challenging by earning rewards fairly. Complete a maze, puzzle to gain an item or stamp is what I look for in the future. I love challenges and that’s possibly why they extended the length of parties nowadays. 2 weeks is more reasonable and even sometimes its 3 weeks.

    Overall, I still enjoy The Fair but if there was another one next time, then…

    *Duplicate the minigames tickets from this year and keep the same ticket prices
    *Don’t duplicate but at least decrease ticket prices.

    • I’ve never done a long post like this until now. o.o

      Anyways, I am also looking forward for CP Memories Discussions. If you will make more discussions in the near future, then I suggest the following….

      *Sponsored Parties
      *Parties nowadays (Club Penguin making party rooms for a party instead of decorating more inside the island to celebrate the party like The Fair and Prehistoric) (I have a feeling Muppets will be about party rooms)
      *Stage Plays
      *EPF Villains – Sequel and Future of the EPF
      *Card-Jitsu – Future of CJ and Sensei

  6. Finally, someone who understands us. Today my computer only started working again. I tried to onto CP for the past few days but nothing. I kept getting annoying messages saying CP won’t work. Although every other site worked. I only got the lasso (it’s the cheapest ) and the shades. 4000 tickets just for a hat? Honestly, CP make the prizes cheaper.

  7. Apart from the high cost of prizes, I dislike the idea of including pins in spin the wheel. I haven’t missed a single pin since I started playing three years ago, and now it looks like I won’t be able to get the two pins as I always end up with coins when I spin the wheel.
    Pretty annoying!

  8. I agree about the prizes, but my main complaint is The Daily Spin. It’s stressful as a collector to know you only have so many chances or else you miss out on these party items forever. I’ve tried 6 times so far and I’ve yet to win a pin or background. I really hope Club Penguin never does this again.

  9. I only get 2 hours on Club Penguin in a day.
    No way can I earn all the items I want.
    I would rather they put out new items every couple days and have them cheaper if they don’t want people bored.

  10. Club Penguin, did this in the Fair 2008 and the 2007 Fair if i’m not wrong! Honestly, i voted for Yes, Why! Because it can take me a week or two, to earn tickets for a Puffle Hat, i like the idea of the Coin engage to Tickets, but i don’t get the point from the spinning wheel, why did they include Pins in the Daily Spin, i usually earn Coins, Tickets, Silver Tickets! But i do not earn the Pins and the Background, and the Silver Tickets are wrong, non-members could have a free ride in the rides, but for members, i would do it like the Normally Tickets, to earn you more tickets! And do more posts like this one in the future!

  11. Waaaay too high!! 2500 tickets for a clothing item?! Seriously?! At a recent fair Ive been to in real life there was a t-shirt which only cost 150 Tickets!

  12. Imagine real life,would you buy a hat for your pet for 4000 FREAKIN TICKETS. 4000. Come on, it’s impossible to even earn that in real life, let alone carry them with you.

  13. I totally agree with you, Trainman. Prizes are TOO MUCH expensive this year.
    As always I wanted to earn every prize (like you). But this time I just CAN’T! Also I wanted to buy few puffle hats for my puffles, but this time – NO. My puffles will be sad (LOL). I hope that Spike Hike or Polo Field will notice this post, and do something! By the way, thanks for making that discussion. I thought I’m the only one, that thinks these prizes cost too much.

  14. I absolutely agree with something other people are saying. I always complained about prices being too cheap before, therefore easy to obtain, but this… this is waaay too hard.

  15. I don’t have internet connection in my home. I visit internet cafe to pick up the pins, items etc. Internet cafe charges for a hour plus I don’t have free time during the day time. I’m free after dinner but at that time cafes are closed and if I somehow manages to get free time out of my busy schedule, I’ll ran out of my pocket money, spending hours to earn tickets. Recently I ordered Club Penguin stuffs online and because of it, I’m left with less pocket money amount. Basically free items aren’t free for me. Club Penguin should really lower the prices and expand the party dates.


  16. Train I cannot download the new flash player. Every time I try, I get a message saying it cannot download the flash player. Any tips? I really want to see the fair party. It is one of my favorites!

  17. I think the prizes are REALLY over priced this year, but in previous fairs I have collected all the items (because I collect tickets fast) and then I get really bored because I collect all the items and played all the games, etc. But I do think this Fair is going to be a good one this year. I do wish ClubPenguin decorated more rooms this year though. In past years almost all the rooms were decorated. This year the rooms are kind of dull and boring. But I think that this Fair is OKAY. I don’t think it’s terrible. But, I do think CP only focuses on the parties and not other rooms or other things including future things, etc. But they are doing better than last year. I am not saying they did bad. They did okay. But I like this year better. :) -Dixon1127

    • I’m alright at Puffle Paddle, I guess I’m alright at most of the games. Except Balloon Pop, I’m terrible with that one lol.

  18. Please see it, a Puffle Hat costs 4000 tickets? Are they crazy?!
    Plus, I don’t really think I will have them all :( at least I think I’m gonna have the fluffy fish… You’re doing it bad CP :/

  19. This is sort of a complicated issue (even if they are only pixels, lol).. I am happy that there are a lot of prizes for non members this year, because this is my first fair in the past four years where I wasn’t a member.. I was kind of happy that these prizes were a bit more expensive this year. In the past years I would play a couple of games and get all of the prizes and be done.. And there weren’t a ton of prizes so it was over quickly.. I would still play the fair games, but get nothing out of them except a bit of fun.. but it’s always more fun to play mini-games when you’re winning something from them! However, I can see the perspective of being a member too, and not having enough time get everything… I think that a good solution would to have been to make the member’s prizes somewhat less expensive. I’m still enjoying playing games every day though, to get enough tickets. So far I have gotten every available non member prize.

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