March’s Party To Be Something New

We know this month’s party is a Prehistoric Party and next month will be The Fair, but what about March? We don’t know for sure yet but Polo Field said it’s going to be something brand new! Instead of a returning party it’ll be some completely new concept. We’re going to have to wait a little bit longer for a clue though.

What do you think it is?

83 thoughts on “March’s Party To Be Something New

  1. FINALLY AFTER YEARS OF MARCH BEING A BLANK SPOT! No but seriously am I the only one who isnt sick of the Puffle Party?

  2. I hope monsters university come back this year and maybe movies from disney, some coming this year, some coming to club penguin :D

  3. Most people think it’s a Muppet-related party since the Muppets Sequel Movie is released in March and is owned by Disney. They said more puffles will be discovered this year and why do they have to remove the Puffle Party? Would be happy for the new party, though. Haha!

  4. Something new? I must say I’m certainly looking forward to this, the past few years have been mostly returning parties and take overs, which I do enjoy a great deal, but it will be nice to have a new party again.


  5. I hope march party is muppets takeover and there is a new muppet movie called the muppets most wanted i told cp about this and i bet march party will be muppets takeover i think it will be good tell cp about this my dream is always want a muppets takeover and on club penguin wiki i saw unknown march 2014 party and it’s says there is gonna be a new party i am a huge muppets fan my favorite muppet is miss piggy and kermit by the way i hope my dream will come true i keep my flippers crossed and i have huge stage fright during the ultimate jam 2012 everyone laughed at me i tried to sing :(
    i will never perform again it was my biggiest fear i dreamed about the muppets everynight so i really like the puffle party last year i hope it fomes back if it be replaced this year i will be mad and quit cp so i am gussing the muppets takeover 2014

  6. he says that his lips are sealed….. maybe an underwater party… coz sealed lips may mean closed mouth and u cant breathe underwater so.. maybe… juuust maybe XD

    • I agree instead of Muppets how about Pokemon? There could be limited edition Pikachu puffles and everything and a red costume we could get it would be epic and I think more popular than muppets

  7. March’s Party is the Club Penguin Takeover! Yayyy!!!

    Just Kidding. But since the new Disney Movie “Muppets Most Wanted” is coming out in March. I wouldn’t be surprised if it were a Muppets Takeover. Similar to How the MU takeover took place the same time as the movies release.

  8. I think it’s gonna be a Detective Party, cuz’ “The new party in March is still a mystery.” and “[…]for a clue to be revealed…”
    What do you think Trainman?

  9. puffle pokemon:

    yellow pikachu
    green bulbasaour
    blue squirtle

    thats all the ones i came up with

    oh also we should make an Ash Penguin Mascot

  10. -Muppets Takeover?
    -Puffle Party won’t be in March, it will be around Easter.
    -I have a feeling it won’t be a takeover, something Club Penguin related.

    • Club Penguin probably never looked at that and wont, Plus the Muppets is a family friendly movie therefore this is not related and most likely WILL NOT be the case for a party stopper even if it never happens and they never planned a Muppets Takeover it still wouldn’t matter that much.

  11. man i wish they could have a Pokemon Takeover Party, why Muppets? i dont even like muppets if its Muppets,then i wont be on cp until the party ends :l

    • Don’t say you don’t like it wait for it to come then say compliments and either it’s gonna be fun trust me, items wooooo man i love items so don’t be sad or whatever don’t ya like items? and whatever may club penguin dising it cool

  12. Wait I got an idea! We all like pokemon and muppets right? We could have 2 parties in 1 it will be like the marvel takeover we could have muppets vs pokemon party!

  13. Omg for summer party it will be like an broadway party the island will transformed into new york city it will be way better than music jam and hollywood party i will tell cp about it this summer

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