Last Week and This Week’s Penguin of the Week

Last week’s Penguin of the Week was Maxi49117 and this week’s Penguin of the Week is Herry347!

Here is why Maxi was chosen:

Today’s penguin has been noticed by many members of the team because of his passion for Club Penguin. Maxi49117 often writes to us with tales of the fun he’s had online, hosting many parties in his igloo! It’s really amazing to see how much he enjoys his time on CP and how he loves to make friends with just about everyone! Congrats, Maxi! Love the t-shirt!


Here is why Herry was chosen:

I love Red v Blue snowball battles at the Snow Forts! Guess what? Herry347 has made his very own Red v Blue battleground at his igloo, which looks EPIC! As well as his igloo being totally ace he has dressed his penguin as a narwhal – amazing!!


Both penguins received the Green Viking Helmet and 10,000 coins. Congratulations go out to both of you!

You can nominate someone for Penguin of the Week by commenting on the Club Penguin Blog with their username and reason as to why.

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