Club Penguin In 2013 Review

Today is the first day of 2014. Club Penguin has finished releasing everything they planned to for 2013 and are now ready to start releasing what they have planned for this year over the next 52 weeks.

First off, what would you rate Club Penguin’s 2013 year? Did they do a good job with all their content this year, or do you think they did an awful job, or are you inbetween? Vote in the poll with what you think. Voting “1” in the poll means they did a terrible job, voting “10” in the poll means they did an absolutely amazing job, and voting “5” in the poll means you’re neutral about what they did – they didn’t do good or bad. There’s the other numbers in-between as needed. I would give them a 10. While I might be a little biased in that score since I love Club Penguin, I can fully justify why I am giving them such a high score.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how well did Club Penguin do in 2013?

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Now that you’ve voted, here is an explanation on why I picked 10: They did a lot. Many new parties, new Puffles, mascots were always visiting, new rooms and room designs, etc. There was also Card-Jitsu Snow, the Club Penguin app for iPad, new songs, new videos, and so much more. The team has put a lot of hard work into 2013. I feel as if content wise 2013 has been their biggest year yet. Back in 2006 or 2007, it was just the usual catalogues, parties, and a few other small things. Now Club Penguin has catalogues, parties, many different small updates, Puffles, many blog posts each week, and also social media profiles to keep up to date. Comparing the year of 2013 on Club Penguin to past years they have created a ton of new content for everyone. It doesn’t mean everyone enjoyed every single update, but let’s face it: they did a really good job last year.

Anyway, to finish everything up – what do you think Club Penguin’s most important updates are in 2013? If you want to view them all, check out the 2013 archives page. Here are my top 5 updates in order from major to not as major:

  • Club Penguin for iPad
  • Card-Jitsu Snow
  • The launch of #WaddleOn and #TheSpoilerAlert
  • New Puffles (Rainbow and Gold)
  • New Rooms (School and redesigns of rooms like the Mine Shack)

What did you like about 2013 on Club Penguin the most? Feel free to discuss it in the comments below. Here’s to another great year on Club Penguin and in the Club Penguin Community!

41 thoughts on “Club Penguin In 2013 Review

  1. I would’ve given club penguin a higher poll result, but they stopped adding items for non members! I liked it when they did it in the beginning of 2013, but when it came to the middle they started acting like 2009. Am I right?

  2. First the did an amazing job! Second, i recommend them to keep up their hard work, the Update Room Designs were a ”cherry on the top”, as for the puffles i like to see new ones this year, There is a rumor that for the Prehistoric Party 2014 the Dinosaur Puffles are going to be adoptable, but time tells if this is true or not true! Anyway Happy New Year to all the world!

  3. I voted 8. They were pretty good, but not fantastically amazing.

    Top five updates:

    1. Card-Jitsu Snow
    2. App
    3. Puffles
    4. Weekly Shows
    5. EPF

  4. I thought everything this year was perfect. Just perfect, every year I hay it’s the best year yet but this year the team really pulled it out of the bag. The reason I voted 9 however was because of the lack of rooms decorated at some parties and the Star Wars takeover concept overall.

  5. I voted for 8 but I would actually rate it 8.5 :)

    Finally someone who sees that we must not compare every year with its parties but instead the experience and the new features we had on that year.

    I would have voted for more but its because of…

    *Ninja Hideout removal
    *Recycling Plant removal (I don’t really care much of this but still I am a little annoyed of the people who rant of it)
    *Club Penguin removing some stuff instead of bringing them back this year like the Ye Knights Quest at the Medieval Party, Ghost transformations from Halloween 2012 or the old frost bite, road racer and reindeer puffle transformation from Holiday 2012.

    Overall, Club Penguin did a well job in 2013 and fun fact, 2013 was the year with the most parties ever than any other year in Club Penguin history, breaking the record from year 2009 or at least a tie with 2013 and 2009.

    2014, surprise me!

  6. Let’s see…

    -2 points for CJ. I’m just going to say it outright. CJ Snow wasn’t so good. It doesn’t even have any CJ element. No fire vs water vs snow. No cards other than power cards. I mean., it would be OK if that was Shadow but Snow? They can do better than that.

    I also voted 6 because I’m a little neutral to some things. I like that we can interact with things in movies, but let’s face it, you can go overboard.

    But I have to agree, they did release a lot of stuff. My wish for the next year is that they make CP more realistic, interactive. Better.

  7. I thought it was ok, the hollywood party puffle party summer jam(even though it was an ad) halloween medevil and halloween were all good but there were so many ads in partys so thats why i gave it a 6

  8. I voted 8.

    i like/love a great deal of what they did this year like opening up things for nonmembers, the new party rooms like the road, surfing and the train tracks;
    but some things like snow removal, the filling of wild areas, and stopping even the one day/one room token holidays (like St Patrick’s Day) make me sad.

    There used to be a feeling of peace & quiet in some of the rooms because they were surrounded by trees and had little shacks instead of buildings.
    Now you can see out the edges of them all and that makes the island feel more built up, less wild and “penguin-ish”.

    It is much more like a paved island covered in snow now, than a snowy island with some buildings on it.

  9. I think they did a good job this year, I just wish there had been less Takeovers and didn’t release legendary puffles. Other then that, they did a nice job. :D

  10. They did so good this year! I loved everything! From the app to the music videos. Everything was off the hook! The parties, the mascots, the blog posts, The Spoiler Alerts, everything. I loved how Club Penguin allowed us to participate in their videos.

  11. I picked 5…
    You know why?

    It’s because:

    -The items in the catalog made you fat.
    -It was a bad year for non’s ( January was quite good, February…BAD! March…horrible, April was not bad, May was a little good, June was lame,July was awkward, August… O_O, September was just putrid, October was boring, November was dull and December was 70% good.)

    But on the bright side, we got: an App, Non member card jitsu and the 2 new puffles.

  12. I picked 9, they did a good job, but I didn’t like some parties, but it was a really good year, I didn’t like some things, but It was a really cool year, the non-members had our first igloo (If we not count the Default Igloo), CJ Snow, Puffle Digging, some good takeovers (TBMSJ), the party rooms like the Limo, the Epic Wave and the Highway, and a lot of more things.

  13. I think they did a great job in 2013 so i picked 10. And the best part in my opinion was My Penguin but i wish that they make the app for Android otherwise everything was awesome and i hope that they keep on the good job in 2014. Some of the parties were total rip offs like the Star Wars party and the Marvel Superhero Takeover but I’m fine with that, they had original parties too, like the Prehistoric party or Operation Puffle, so they deserved the 10. :D

  14. I think they did a pretty good job this year! I voted 9. If you look at what they did around the 2008 range, and look at what they are doing now, 2008 could basically be the medieval ages, and now it could be 2013. Club Penguin has done so much this year. Especially the Waddle On series was a huge step for them. Just think of what 2014 could bring us!

  15. Hmm..It is very difficult to say, whether 2013’s CP was terrible or good!

    What makes 2013’s CP so terrible:
    1) Many of the parties this year was Disney-ads-Campaign.
    2) Most of the old parties did not return.
    3) There were very less items for non-member in all the catalogues.
    4) Due to the release of the spoiler alerts, many surprises were totally “Spoiled”.

    What makes 2013’s CP good:
    1) Rainbow Puffles and Golden Puffles were released.
    2) Members got to know the taste of being a superstar, a jedi,a surfer,a biker a Pre-historic Penguin(or whatever you say) and a puffle expert,too
    3)We worked ‘together’ and donated around 20 billion coins for goo causes.
    4) Club Penguin released the first ever non-members igloo.

  16. Hey Train,

    First, Happy New Year! (apologies for being late…) Second, Club Penguin did do very well but I didn’t like two things which made me give them an 8:

    -Some catalogs contain wasted pages.
    -Some boring parties.

    Anyway, my favourite 5 updates of this year listed from the major to the not really major are as follows:

    -Club Penguin app for iPad.
    -Operation: Hot Sauce
    -Red Nose Day
    -New Puffles
    -New rooms AND new room designs

    Here’s to another 365 days full of fun with Club Penguin! Btw aren’t you planning to quit since you’re 18 now, almost finished school AND will turn 19 this year? It feels a bit weird. (not being rude + i DO want you stay forever :))


  17. I voted 8.
    The new puffles, card Jitsu snow, my penguin, mascot visits were amazing.
    The only parts I disliked were the star wars party and the absence of ye knights quests

  18. i said 8, they did a great job this year. the first half of 2013 was awesome, the prehistoric party and hollywood party were some of my have parties eva! but am i the only one who doesn’t love waddle on? it just isn’t that interesting for me. Still a great year. My favorite years are 2009 and 2012 so far.

  19. Voted 8
    Good stuff for nonmembers balanced with good stuff for members.
    Great rooms at the parties,
    Rainbow puffle cloud room,
    Hotel remodel,
    Nonmember igloo stuff, but not too much…
    Too many takeovers in a row,
    Christmas party wasn’t even billed as “holiday party” this year,
    Too much fighting.

    When there is a room like the Fairy Glen that should be out of the fighting, please put it at the edge of the island instead of right in the path the fighters must travel through.

  20. I rated it a 3… I have reasoning! xD

    Ok, so these are the BAD things that happened:
    -Disney Takeovers went to a whole new level (“classic party” my butt! I can’t even watch the Disney Channel!)
    -Not as many non-member items at parties (It was good at the beginning at the year, but by the end, there were almost none!)
    -New room designs; there are almost NO original rooms anymore! :( I want at least a few things to remind me of when I started!
    -CP has been Disney-fied E.g. New penguin designs, new website, and excessive takeovers…
    -PSA missions disappear from game, and are just on the website, which means that players can no longer earn items from them! :(
    -No more VR room to show the old PSA HQ(s)! :(
    -Only releasing stuff for iPhone and iPad?! I can’t afford one of them! :(
    -Cheesy/Corny Land! yay… A.K.A. #SPOILERALERT, #WADDLEON, Throwback Thursday. They’re trying to hard to be cool, and they seem REALLY sarcastic on the videos, especially on #SPOILERALERT! xD
    -Almost NO KNOWN original staff are left! D:
    -Ye Knights Quest??? Where is it???
    -No Ninja Hideout!
    -Rainbow Puffle and Gold Puffle were supposed to be just a sort of in-joke between CP fans, so why release them as Puffles? :( I don’t mind the Rainbow Puffle, but the Gold Puffle, in the same year too, is a bit excessive…

    And the GOOD things that happened:
    -Card Jitsu Snow (finally! xD)
    -Prehistoric Party! :3
    -Hollywood Party! :)

    I’ve ran out of ideas… xD

    I guess a lot of people will reply to this with “OMG YOU DIDN’T LIKE [Insert opinion here]?!” (or something along those lines!) but this is MY opinion, though I’m happy to have a discussion with others about my/their views on last year! :)

    • I just came here cuz’ I missed 2013 :'(
      Anyways,I realize I didn’t comment on what vote number I took and why..
      Well here it is > Number 10
      Well,The prehistoric Party was great,
      Hollywood Party was super,
      Puffle Party was super,
      Marvel superhero takeover was awesome,
      Card-Jitsu Snow party was,okay,
      MU Takeover was,okay,
      Star wars party was,fine,
      Teen Beach movie takeover was super,
      Halloween Party was,super,
      Operation Puffle was AWESOME
      and Holiday party was AWESOME!

      The upgrades in club penguin were so cool:
      -My Penguin App for iPad
      -More CP Moderators meetup’s
      -More Trainman1405 meetup’s :P
      -More blog posts
      -More videos
      And for the non-members,there weren’t so many things except for Jan and Feb,but December was worthy,they could even get an igloo!
      Love all the room updates,
      New puffles were awesome!
      They finally decided to released the mythical puffles everyone has been talking about from back in 2006!
      I love Club Penguin :)

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