Club Penguin Answers Your Frequently Asked Dinosaur Puffle Questions

Penguins have been asking a lot of questions about the new Dino Puffles that will be released later tonight, so to help us out the team has set up a few FAQ (frequently asked questions) pages! The questions answered range from how to adopt a Dino Puffle to learning about the different types of Dino Puffles.

Here’s the main part of Polo Field’s post for those interested. Click the linked text to learn more.

To adopt a Dinosaur Pufle, you first need to dig up an egg at the Prehistoric Party. Here’s how to adopt a Dinosaur Puffle!
You can care for your Dino Puffles by taking them for a walk. Learn more about caring for Dino Puffles here.
Don’t worry, your Dino Puffle won’t run away if your membership expires. Find out more here.
There are 6 different Dinosaur Puffles. Here’s a full list of Dino Puffles.


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13 thoughts on “Club Penguin Answers Your Frequently Asked Dinosaur Puffle Questions

  1. This means non-members will get backyards. Cause it said if you lose your membership it goes into your backyard. Only members, can take puffles into their igloo and for a walk.

  2. Wait, so since non members cant walk the dino puffles, are they changing it so that all member puffles cant be walked by non members that were aquired by membership, not codes??!? cause that would really really stink if they changed that…

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