Inside Of Club Penguin App Updated – More Rooms and Decorations!

The next time you open the Club Penguin app on your iPad you’ll see a few new rooms and decorations! In fact, the new rooms are the ones I posted about just the other day. That’s right. You can now access the Dock, Beach, Lighthouse, Beacon, and Snow Forts from your iPad! You don’t even need to do an update from the app store, you just have to open the app and they’ll appear. They are not decorated for the Holiday Party or Coins For Change though. Maybe next year the CP Team will be able to do that. :) Special thanks to Oil999 for letting me know the rooms are now out.


On the other hand, when you first load the app you’ll see some holiday decorations, similar to how it was decorated for Halloween. Thanks to¬†Dman10297 for letting me use his pictures!







What rooms do you want to see on the iPad next?

16 thoughts on “Inside Of Club Penguin App Updated – More Rooms and Decorations!

  1. Hey Trainman,I cannot acces the beach,dock or even see the decoration even if I shut it down from multitasking or switch off and switch on my iPad several times!! So please help me with this :)

  2. I cannot access the new rooms either. It still says the old versions, and I don’t think it’s updated for IOS users yet.

  3. I can access the rooms only if i walk to them..i cant use the map AND i dont have the xmas decorations :( i didnt have the halloween decorations either which was a bummer.

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