The Dock, Beach, Lighthouse, Beacon, and Snow Forts are the Next Rooms Coming to the iPad

I was doing a little digging in the Club Penguin iPad app files last night when I came across some references that the Dock, Beach, Lighthouse, Lighthouse Beacon, and Snow Forts would be the next rooms available on mobile devices. Today V0rtex confirmed what I found and even got me into the rooms on the iPad! Check it out. The rooms are basically the same as they are online with a few minor differences. For example you can’t access Hydro Hopper or the Game Upgrades catalogue at the Dock.


The Beach:


The Lighthouse:


The Lighthouse Beacon:


You can tap the on/off switch in the beacon to turn the light off just like on regular Club Penguin.


Finally, here is the Snow Forts. Currently the Clock Tower doesn’t show a time. You can throw a snowball at the target though!


A release date for when everyone will be able to access these rooms is currently unknown however they are being tested!

43 thoughts on “The Dock, Beach, Lighthouse, Beacon, and Snow Forts are the Next Rooms Coming to the iPad

  1. When I saw the thumbnail, I thought “Wow, the Beacon is getting redesigned” before I even read the post! Anyways, how did you get into those other rooms? What’s the secret?

    • I don’t know how you get to them other than jumping to a friend that is already there. In this case V0rtex somehow accessed the room and I jumped to him via the buddy list.

    • Well for starters Club Penguin for the iPad doesn’t use SWF files, it uses images. And I didn’t see room files themselves, I only saw text references to them in the iPad’s app file. :)

  2. Train, do u think the tower clock will work in the future. I hope so. Could you also friend me on cp. My name is darksky8

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