Herbert’s Website Updated… Q_Q

Now that Operation Puffle is over and Herbert P. Bear and Klutzy are gone for now, Herbert’s ClubHerbert.com website┬áhas been updated! Now it displays a picture of Klutzy looking at a map of Club Penguin’s wilderness along with many coins and hot sauce.

Screen Shot 2013-12-04 at 10.51.50 PM

When do you think the two will strike again?

Thanks Steve1395!

36 thoughts on “Herbert’s Website Updated… Q_Q

  1. I think Kluzy will strilke againset Herbert because of all the mean stuff Herberts done to him so he’s going behind his back to destroy Herbert. :P but I do think Herbert will try to ake over CP agian.

  2. According to the latest issue of CP Times, PH says that an angry herd of puffles might have brought him to the wilderness. So, maybe that’s why Klutzy is looking at the map to find their way out.

  3. Remember when it said in the CPT: The angry puffles have carried Herbert far off into the wilderness where he cant bother anyone” I think klutzy is trying to find him and bring him back. :P

  4. TRAIN SUPER GLITCH ON MY PENGUIN If You Put On The grey and white camouflage hoodie
    You get turned into old grey sensei colour check it out I swear I’m not lying it really works :-D

  5. Train where is the pin? I remember seeing it and picking it up but it’s not in my inventory neither at the dance lounge anymore!

  6. What does Herbert really want? I know he wants Club Penguin to be basically destroyed or whatever, but he’s not really getting anything out of it. He might get warmth and all, but he doesn’t really have a knowledge of what to actually do. He can ask Club Penguin nicely if he can borrow a ship or submarine, so he can travel off to where he used to live, with all his polar bear friends, or travel to a nice, relaxing, warm island. In my opinion, Herbert should just be in an mental institution.

  7. Train sad news nelson has passed away at age of 95 i was it on the news thats very sad we have to say goodbye to nelson and dont forget my birthday is on Tuesday im turning 16 Train your 18 and im 16 we never to old to playing on club penguin

  8. I don’t think Herbert was really defeated because all he lost was his puffles and he still has his coins and his hot sauce machine maybe he can continue his plan to heat up the island. He might have enough coins for his plan or this will unlikely happen burn maybe if Herbert was smart he could steal coins for change coins. So thats why I think Herbert wasn’t defeated.

  9. Herbert went to mars to eat some tacos and then eat tacos… TAAAAAAACCCOOOOSSSS!!!! Yum sounds good:D Happy travel Herbert!!!

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