Protobot Will Soon Be a Meetable Mascot on Club Penguin

For those who have been playing Club Penguin for at least a year may remember the fiasco the team had in October 2012 when I was tipped off a way to add any mascot. (and also any penguin, but that was quickly fixed) While I didn’t discover either of the two cheats, I was one of the first few to blog about it and make the public aware, and from there it spread like wildfire. Anyway, as shown in the old post I link to above Polo Field asked to take down the instructions on how to do it, which I did. Club Penguin fixed the how to add any penguin to your buddy list cheat very quickly, however if I’m not mistaken the one on how to add any mascot still works – but I can’t be bothered to check. (UPDATE: The mascot one still works. Thanks Spydar 007!)¬†Adding any penguin is how I have myself on my buddy list, by the way. ;-)

Anyway, enough of being off topic. With the adding any mascot cheat your could add any of Club Penguin’s mascots, whether they were meetable in game or not. You could add the meetable mascots like Rookie and also unmeetable ones like Snow Bot, Dot, and Protobot.

For those of you with Protobot on your buddy list, up until recently when you tried to load the playercard it wouldn’t.

Screen Shot 2013-11-15 at 7.51.42 PM

…however, due to a recent change in Club Penguin’s files a playercard now loads! It’s just that the playercard shows PH instead of Protobot, but that doesn’t really matter.

Screen Shot 2013-11-15 at 7.51.34 PM

He still shows up as a penguin on the buddy list too:

Screen Shot 2013-11-15 at 7.51.54 PM

So how do I know Protobot is going to be a meetable mascot aside from a playercard now loading for him? Up until a few weeks ago Protobot had no penguin IDs associated with it. (yes, Protobot is not a penguin but that does not matter) Now there’s a single ID number listed next to Protobot’s name. If the mascot wasn’t going to be meetable in game there would be no penguin ID numbers listed for that mascot.¬†The same thing happened with Herbert last year before he was meetable in game during Operation Blackout.

Screen Shot 2013-11-15 at 7.52.17 PM

As long as I’m right (and I usually am) we’ll be seeing Protobot at Operation Puffle. Be ready, agents!

28 thoughts on “Protobot Will Soon Be a Meetable Mascot on Club Penguin

  1. OMG Train i just realized, remeber the club penguin epf DS game from 2008, SPOILERS well remeber how the protobot kidnapped gary and all the elite puffles, mabey he does it again and then goes ahead and captures all the puffles in cp.he seems to be able to keep puffles in his Ticket booth body

  2. This is all very cool. Protobot sure will have an interesting sprite though…. Hrmm. I wonder if he’ll have sound effects like Darth Herbert.

  3. Train,

    That has been there for ages. It used to have PH’s old playercard. It was there ever since we fist added him. The playercard has changed because PH’s playercard was updated.

  4. Train protobots playercard has been PH since the glitch was discovered, plus the new mascot(s) were probably Mack & Brady, if not maybe we can meet santa claus in the holiday party? (possible because holiday party is every yeAr)

  5. Trainman, it is provedtry getting his background it says ” would you like to buy unidintified for unidintified coins you currently have 56433 coins” Please give me credit and sorry for the spelling!!!

  6. Actually, that’s been so since some time around May 2013 and I think it is just a mix up of player cards, because back then PH’s player card looked like Protobot’s.

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