Operation Puffle Teaser On Club Penguin’s Homepage

Agents, get ready! A homepage slide has been added to Club Penguin’s homepage advertising Operation Puffle and it looks pretty serious!┬áCheck it out:


Herbert is going to control the minds of Puffles with his device? Oh no!

24 thoughts on “Operation Puffle Teaser On Club Penguin’s Homepage

  1. The last year in EPF History:

    NOVEMBER 15 2012-
    Destroyed EPF
    Operation: Blackout Begins

    DECEMBER 5 2012-
    EPF Construction Starts
    Operation: Blackout Ends

    APRIL 5 2013
    Operation: Hot Sauce

    NOVEMBER 2013
    Not much has been done to fix the Command Room

    November 14:
    Gold Puffle adoption (Herbert has one?)

    November 21:
    Operation: Puffle Begins

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