My Penguin 1.3 To Have Smoothie Smash, Pizzatron 3000, Rooms, Friend Jumping, and More

V0rtex, the penguin who sent me information and pictures on Jetpack Boost coming to My Penguin before it was officially announced, is back again with more information on future My Penguin updates! He has given me some images and information about what will be found in the upcoming My Penguin 1.3 update.

First off, the games. My Penguin 1.3 will contain two more games from Club Penguin added to it. They are Smoothie Smash and Pizzatron 3000.

Here is a glimpse of the main Smoothie Smash screen:


These are the instructions for Smoothie Smash – the text is not shown in the image. You’ll use your fingers to swipe left, right, and down. Smoothie Smash in My Penguin will contain a survival mode.


This is the main screen of Pizzatron 3000 in My Penguin:


The candy mode will also be included. It’s unknown how you activate it however when you do the main screen will look like this and Pizzatron will say Cookietron.


Again, just like Smoothie Smash there are instructions but the text does not load. You’ll use your finger to swipe the ingredients onto the pizza.


Now for the map. Currently in My Penguin 1.2 you can only go to igloos, however My Penguin 1.3 will be a small extension of this. On the Map you’ll be able to view two categories: rooms and games. Not only that, but you’ll be able to access the Town in the app! Snow Forts may also be added. I was told that it is possibly coming soon. The Map also has areas for the igloo village and your own igloo. Here are pictures of that:


Jumping to another player is also included. If you can’t jump to that friend for whatever reason you will receive an error message saying “Sorry, this penguin is in a location that cannot be jumped to.”

I was also told that you may be able to create unlimited igloos however this is unconfirmed and personally I would not bet on it. Weekly challenges and quests are also a possibility of being in My Penguin 1.3, as in the app it says “Discover all new experiences every week” and “Challenge the latest quests and puzzles”. There will also be a few minor artwork changes in some areas of the app, containing brighter colours.

With all that said, this concludes what to expect in the My Penguin 1.3 version of the app. Android and iPhone versions of the application will most likely be available next year at some point. A huge thanks to V0rtex for supplying all of this information and pictures!

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  1. to do the candy version on pizza-tron you have to click the lever on the left corner which should be on the pizza icon. if u do it shoulld be the sweets version

  2. 1. How do you know that V0rtex is telling the truth and not just making this stuff up?
    2. Is V0rtex a mod?
    3. Do you know where V0rtex got this info from?

    • 1. He emailed me the Jetpack Boost stuff all before Club Penguin announced it. That ended up being true. Plus a longtime friend of mine confirmed it’s legit + why would someone go through the trouble of faking it? It seems pretty hard to make it look real.
      2. Nope.
      3. Nope.

      • Wawawwaaiiitttt aa minuiteeee….. who is this longtime friend of yours?! do they work at CP?! is this how you find out some things?!?!
        P.S. Does your brother work at CP? is it your brother ? ive been wondering this for a long time( ever since the questions for Trainman post), cause one of your brothers asks to be unknown…. and either that is just cause he wants to be unknown, or he really works at CP, and thats why he wants to be unknown ! :D :O
        And IF your brother works at CP, then he would be a long time friend!

        Wow. Ok, so either A, you read this and laugh your head off and i get embarrassed cause none of this is true, or B, im right and if im right, then :O

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