Club Penguin Blog: Spike Hike Talks About CPNext

I was lucky enough to post about CPNext earlier this month (as well as a follow up post) before it was announced officially by Club Penguin, however now Spike Hike has made a post on the official game blog talking about it and what’s in store. Here is what he announced:

For the last year we have been working on something HUGE! We have been building a WHOLE NEW technology to take Club Penguin into the future. Right now we’re calling it CPNext. CPNext will allow us to take the Penguin world to new platforms and devices – connecting our community here on to mobile devices on iOS and Android, smart TVs, and who knows what else may come?!

CPNext will look and feel just like Club Penguin today, with a few improvements along the way. We want it to feel as close as possible to the CP community you love! You’ve already seen the first version of the CPNext technology on “My Penguin” for iPad… mobile igloos are built on it already. We’ve worked hard to make sure that the CPNext igloos are fully connected with igloos on desktop, so the experience across both is totally seamless.

With CPNext, we will finally be launching the Jump to Friend feature! To make things simpler and faster, you can just jump to where your friend is right when you log in. Much simpler and easier than in current CP! We know this has been a long requested feature – and it’s finally coming!

We know that there is some concern about always having full rooms. Don’t worry! We’ve built a lot of smarts into the system to make sure you stay with your friends when you go from room to room. And we will be watching and listening and can turn up or down then number of Penguins in a room based on your feedback. This is your world and we will work with you to find the right balance!

We will be taking our “next” step with CPNext in December with the launch of the Town on iPad. We will then start launching new rooms into the app every few weeks! Over the next few months you are going to see the CP world come to life on mobile. And for those of you with iPhones, iPod Touch, or Android devices – we are working on these NOW and plan to bring the Club Penguin app to you, too!

This is only a tiny bit of what we have planned – wait ’til you see the future for Puffles and Card-Jitsu… ;)

I don’t know about you guys, but like I’ve said before I am looking forward to CPNext!

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38 thoughts on “Club Penguin Blog: Spike Hike Talks About CPNext

  1. Now it makes some of my questions clear. But still, there are some things I am concerned about…

    1. The Friend List doesn´t work
    2. How can we tell to multiple penguins to join on the same room we are for a mini party in certain room? Like bloggers and youtubers telling their party info to meetup, etc.
    3. CP Armies, how will the armies work (Even though I don´t really care much of the armies)

    The puffles thing I believe we will just have another puffle next year. Perhaps a Lavender Puffle, it sounds cool and I thought how its personality would be. The Lavender Puffle would be the opposite of the Orange Puffles, fancy, elegant and loves fashion. Their first appearance was during the Hollywood Party 2014 and they appeared after the party ended cuz the party was fancy for them (Just an idea)

    Also, of the Card-Jitsu thing….maybe Card-Jitsu Shadow will come next year. Who remembers Spike Hike´s Tweet about CJ Shadow? Hopefully Tusk will be meetable in-game also.

    • Also, some more things would be that the trackers will be useless because servers won´t exist if CPNext passes. Also, it will be harder to meet mascots and moderators because moderators and mascots change rooms overtime and if you log onto CP like 5 minutes later, you won´t be able to meet such mascot anymore because the room would be full ALREADY.

      • 1. I don’t understand that. Maybe you mean the Friend’s List would get really filled up?
        2. We do not know, since those penguins could have their Friend’s List full. That’s a concern the CP Team should fix.
        3. There is a way they could adapt to changes.

        Trackers problem: CP Team should fix that.
        Mascot problem: Spike Hike said that you should be able to teleport to them. If you think that’s bad, CP Team could fix that.

        I know, I have said CP Team a lot of times. But they are the ones in charge, wait and problems should be fixed.

  2. Thinking of the old post from Polo Field of the 4 rooms to be on the next update of My Penguin…it would be the Town, Coffee Shop, Nightclub and the Clothes Shop. Or the Dance Lounge instead of the Coffee Shop because there are 2 apps that look similar to the Nightclub and the Nightclub has 2 floors. The last app is similar to the wall part of the Clothes Shop of the mini Fashion Show and there isn´t any hint for the Coffee Shop. So I believe Town, Nightclub, Dance Lounge (Or Coffee Shop) and the Clothes Shop

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