Chattabox Hosting Club Penguin’s Got Talent This Week

Club Penguin Team member Chattabox is holding a meetup in her igloo this week! Depending on where you live in this world, it will either be on Wednesday or Thursday for you. She had a meetup last week but I never got around to posting it. Here is what Chattabox posted:

This week, I’ve decided I want to see how talented my favourite Penguin friends are. So I’m holding my own “Club Penguin’s Got Talent” inside my igloo. Everyone is welcome and those of you who take part will get an amazing postcard from Chattabox.

Let’s meet on the Down Under server in the Forest at 4pm East Australian Standard Time or 6pm New Zealand time on Thursday 21st November – this is 9pm Penguin Standard Time on Wednesday 20th November.

If you already have a Golden Puffle, make sure you bring them along too! They are just too cute!

See you Thursday Flippered Friends.

So if you’re on the East Coast of the United States or anywhere east (Europe, Asia, Australia, etc) it’ll be on Thursday. Otherwise it’ll be Wednesday night. Here’s a few time zone translations:

  • PST: 9:00 PM Wednesday
  • EST: 12:00 AM (midnight) Thursday
  • UK: 5:00 AM Thursday

Remember, PST is the time shown at the Snow Forts clock tower. I’ll probably be busy blogging about Operation Puffle during it so I doubt I’ll be there.

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