Adventures of Floyd the Green Puffle

The Club Penguin Team has recently adopted a pet Puffle named Floyd! From time to time they are posting pictures of him to their Twitter account and the blog. Here is the first post made on the blog:

May we introduce you to our pet puffle – Floyd! He enjoys playing my keytar, wearing extremely large sunglasses, and getting his picture taken. 


We’ve decided to let YOU choose what Floyd does today! Comment below with an activity you would like to see him doing. We’ll post the picture later today of Floyd doing the chosen activity.

This was my suggestion…but I doubt they’ll do it. I said “You should have Floyd make a blog post. He jumps around the keyboard and makes a post saying “dfjkgldfkgjd’fglk4ejdflkgjdflk”

Screen Shot 2013-11-06 at 11.30.37 PM

Shortly after making the initial blog post about Floyd a second one was made.

There were some great suggestions on our last post, Adventures of Floyd the Green Puffle.  Here is what the team came up with from your suggestions:


It’s Floyd the Wonder Puffle! Whaddya think?

I think it looks like Floyd enjoys being a Wonder Puffle!

The following page has been updated:

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