Spike Hike Interviewed By Three Club Penguin Blogs, Hints At Future

Over the weekend three different penguins representing three different Club Penguin Blogs were lucky enough to interview Spike Hike, in which they asked him questions other submitted. The questions ranged from asking about his personal life to his Disney career to the actual Club Penguin game.

I am not publishing the full interviews here, instead I have received permission to post part of it here with a link to the full post if you’re interested in reading more.

First off is the interview by Riyita who owns the Club Penguin Space blog. You can read the full interview on his blog here. Here’s an excerpt from it:

Vancouver740 asked: “When will server jumping come?”

Spike Hike: Server jumping is very hard to do and that’s why we never turned it on. We will have Jump To Friend in the next version of My Penguin. But I’m not sure when we will be able to pull it off for the web. We have a lot of work to do on Friends before we could make it happen.

The second interview was conducted by Srijanrocks2, who owns his own Club Penguin blog. You can check out the full interview here. Here’s a piece of it:

Pluto10500 asked: Spike do you have any hints of the the last 3 parties for 2013?

Spike Hike: Last 3 parties of 2013? Monsters. Lost in the wilderness. Christmas!

A third interview was done on Club Penguin CP which you can read here.

Also, if you’re interested, nearly two years ago I interviewed a Club Penguin employee who goes by the name Hamustar. If you’ve never read it you can read the interview here. Now we need to turn the tables and have Club Penguin interview me for a job… ;-)

13 thoughts on “Spike Hike Interviewed By Three Club Penguin Blogs, Hints At Future

  1. I feel super excited about the wilderness one! I just really want it to be something with puffles, those critters ae being left behind.

      • Pfff, I mean not a new puffle, like interacting with puffles. Rainbow ones a load of shiz. Puffle digging worthless to me because I nonmember. I meant new stuff, EPF missions, (YESYESYES), interactive in-game (NODUH) a big storm thingy, (APARTYIVEDREAMEDOFFORMONTHS)(LIKEASINTORNADOSANDPREPARTIONS(SOUNDSCOOLHUH))
        Oops, sorry XP

  2. I once heard before about some sort of party which would come in July 2012 which it was “The Great Puffle Search”. Which it involved of going to the wilderness and find the Golden Puffle. Maybe that’s the November Party! However, what would the EPF have to do with it?

  3. Hmm… I may be thinking a little too out of the box but… in one of Polo Field’s tweets, Polo Field said ”Check it out! I just made a Club Penguin Knowledge Test. Try it out!” On it, one of the words was The Hub and the definition was- ”An unreleased room that was accidentally printed in the second “Ultimate Guide to Club Penguin” Maybe we will go into the woods and find The Hub or we will build The Hub? Also, it could be the expedition party, or it could be a new room.

  4. 2013: The year of left out parties
    Party 1: April Fools Party (maybe it was a joke :/)
    2. Earth Day Party
    3. Fall Fair

    Hopefully, ‘Lost in the Wilderness’ means an Expedition Party!

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