Polo Field Teases November 2013 On Club Penguin

November is nearly here, so to get us pumped Polo Field posted a sneak peek of what’s to come next month! He said there are some huge new things coming.


I’m pretty clueless! The image on the left seems gold (Gold Puffle?) and the one on the right looks like the letter D…aside from that I’m stumped. What do you think the images are of?

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11 thoughts on “Polo Field Teases November 2013 On Club Penguin

  1. I think the picture on the left might be like a rock wall.Im guessing the one in the middle is the corner of some sort of catalog????And the one on the right I think is an eye.

  2. Image on the right might be a black sports flag. You know, cause the font looks like the one you might see on a sports flag in CP, the white bit looks like part of a P… The left picture looks like an explosion wearing away, possibly hinting towards Herbert’s plans. The middle might be showing off a new background or (Hopefully) a new wallpaper feature where we can buy ‘wallpaper’ and use it to decorate our igloos’ bare walls!

  3. The third one is probably the P in Puffle from Operation Puffle. the middle one looks like a catalog. The first is a jacket from the Penguin Style.

  4. The third one looks like a P or D, the middle looks like a present or background or wallpaper and the first one……. maybe dust after explosion.

  5. The gold dust on the left must be from the golden puffle or an explosion (possibly the pet shop), the middle looks like either a background or the new catalog, and on the right, possibly Herbert’s or a puffle’s eyes or it could be the letter “D” or “P” for puffle.

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