Penguin of the Day Roundup: September 23, 2013 – September 27, 2013

Here are the five lucky penguins of the week from last week, beginning Monday September 23rd and ending Friday, September 27th.

On Monday, September 23rd the Penguin of the Day was Kittypaws101.

Spaceship? Check. Shark head on the wall? Check. Perfect recipe for an epic igloo? CHECK! Kittypaws101 has even got a random outfit on her penguin to match! A perfect mix of brill and silly. It’s brilly. :D


On Tuesday, September 24th the Penguin of the Day was Basuca46.

He’s been Thor, Obi-Wan Kenobi, a Biker, a Surfer AND Mike Wazowski! I love getting in the spirit of role-play too! I’m sure you’ll see the brill Basuca46 as some kind of knight / dragon character during the Medieval Party. Make sure you join in the fun too!


On Wednesday, September 25th the Penguin of the Day was Sparkles3000.

Sparkles3000 has been nominated by one of our previous winners! I think its fab how highly you all think of one another! Anyway, look how cute Sparkles’ outfit is – she’s always dressed to impress and is a loyal friend to her buds.


On Thursday, September 26th the Penguin of the Day was Kevke2001.

With all the amazing parties we’ve been having recently, I think some of the mini-games get forgotten about. But NOT Find Four! It’s one of my fave games and Kevke2001 enjoys it just as much as I do. Perhaps we could have a tournament some time? :)


On Friday, September 27th the Penguin of the Day was Luellatrack.

Luellatrack is always giving her pals inspiration to look for puffle treasure, which is super helpful! My puffle, Blossom, often gets distracted by flowery things when she should be digging… She’s too much like her owner ;)


Congratulations to all of you! As usual, awesome outfits and igloos. :)

You can nominate penguins for penguin of the day by emailing All penguins featured on the blog as a Penguin of the Day get 5,000 coins added to their penguin account.

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