Club Penguin Modifying Penguin Name Font Soon

Not too long ago Club Penguin unexpectedly updated the game where the penguin you’re logged into has a nameglow, being white with a black outline. Now a small update coming soon (tonight maybe?) will modify the look of other penguin’s usernames. The change isn’t as drastic as the nameglow, in fact you might not even notice it at all.

Take a look at the font for Percy J Love’s username in the image below.

Screen Shot 2013-10-30 at 6.31.58 PM

Now compare it to the username of any of the penguins in the image below. (excluding Dolly Button) This image was posted on the Club Penguin Blog several days ago.


Notice anything? The font is slightly different and more “soft” looking.

The following page has been updated:

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  1. that image wa sin the post of meet gary in october 28 but you din’t posted it :( iknow u was busy but this proves that G visited :)

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