Club Penguin Answers Some Frequently Asked Questions

Today on the Club Penguin Blog Polo Field has made a post containing answers to the most frequently asked questions at the moment. Some of those questions are about the Halloween Party. Here’s the questions and answers:


Q. For the Halloween Party, will Gary also visit, because he usually does for this party
A. This Halloween, Gary is taking it easy and spending time in his lab. He’ll probably watch Night of the Living Sled a couple of times, but otherwise he’ll be busy with science! Who knows what he’ll come up with this time.

Q. Will any of the old quests/ Haunted mansion/ Ghostmatron return?
A. No, we’re going to have new Halloween areas to explore and a big focus on penguins’ own haunted igloos. Plus, the mysterious Spectral Sweets is providing the candy, and they have some very “unique” flavors.

Q. Any news regarding the EPF?
A. The EPF is always busy keeping CP safe. Their number one priority right now is making sure Herbert hasn’t snuck back onto the island somehow.

Q. Who is Garianna and what was the secret ingredient?
A. Garianna is one of Gary’s ancestors. The illustrious inventor comes from a long line of clever penguins. Gariwald and Garugg the Ugg Ugg are also a part of that family tree. And for those that missed it at the end of the Medieval Party, Garianna’s secret ingredient was a golden Puffle O. Why she had such a strange food is still a mystery PH and Gary are very interested in.

A golden Puffle O! Interesting…

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  1. wait Herbert in Halloween trailer and how spike hike once said Herbert will be back sometime this year its in November I can tell it.

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