Medieval Party 2013 Don’t Miss Checklist

With the Medieval Party’s last day being October 2nd (or according to Club Penguin October 1st) a “don’t miss out on these things!” checklist has been posted on the blog.


  • Help Gary the Gadget Guy by mixing the potions in the Book of Potions
  • Visit all the party rooms to receive the Explorer Stamp
  • Meet Gary
  • Challenge a friend to a jousting match
  • Visit the Wizard Academy and take a class in potion concoction

Have you completed everything on the list? I have, woohoo! What’s your favourite thing about this party?

The following page has been updated:

16 thoughts on “Medieval Party 2013 Don’t Miss Checklist

  1. No , It’s just wasting my time mixing all the potions unless the “Ye Knight Quest” returned.
    and Non- members can’t even do anything in this party and yet no Free Items..One of my favourite party is Card-Jitsu Party because it’s the only original to be held in this year :D

    • Mixing the potions isn’t wasting time, it’s occupying time by having fun. That’s the whole purpose of the game. And the card-jitsu party was not the only original party, in fact, all parties except the card jitsu party, puffle party and medieval party were original. ORIGINAL means an idea that has original from club penguin. The prehistoric party was a brand new original idea, along with Hollywood, puffle, marve superheroes takeover, card-jitsu party, MU takeover, Star Wars takeover, teen beach movie summer jam, which was most definitely the best so far, and the medieval party.

      • (I don’t want to arguing with you because I’m afraid Trainman will mark this as a spam)

        Most of the ClubPenguin players doesn’t like those “Takeover Parties” except for a New Comers. Everyone has their own favourite party based on their opinions especially The Operation Blackout Party but the OLD CP will always will be good and a bit better than the new CP , for me the Old one was better and I’m glad to be a Lucky Player which is I’m still survived the New Era Of CP . I’m register to CP before the whole CP updated.
        In fact , Not all of the CP Player like the new CP. Thats why CPPS is invented :)

  2. I’m so upset about this Medieval Pa- oh, should I say “Fairy tale party”? No, because i see more faries than knights and dragons.

    I joined CP in june 2009, so I didn’t was at the 2009 Medieval Party. I was at the 2010 Medieval Party and was very happy. The Knight’s Quest…omg…awesome. I remember solving the I chapter of KQ after five hours of maze :P And II chapter was cool too, because of it’s battle. Even III chapter rocked. But the coolest year ever for the Medieval Party was 2012. 2012 was the ULTIMATE YEAR for The Medieval Party.

    We got:

    1) Awesome items (That lightning sword…awesome!)
    2) Knight’s Quest I for non-member
    3) AWESOME QUEST AGAINST SCORN! Sorry for caps, but that was EPIC! More epic than the Star Wars Takeover (Which wasn’t epic so why did I write that nonsense thing)
    4) Members could help everyone (including Non-member) to get to the Sky Kingdom with the staff.
    5) Almost all rooms of the island was decorated

    tell me what was wrong with the 2012 medieval party…

    What was cool about the Medieval Party 2012 other than these listed here was…well, many things from the 2011 and past medieval parties were back without leaving it like this year’s medieval party doesn’t do. And also we got new things, such as Scorn and the Sky Kingdom. That is a mix of gold (old) and awesome (new) the 2012 was the best year for the Medieval Party.

    Here’s the actual medieval party:

    -Only the 40% of the rooms are decorated (and the decorations are useless)
    -Ingredients to make potions which transform MEMBER penguins into useless and fake creatures (The only transformation I like is the Ultimate Mega Dragon, because it reminds me of the Super Dragon which was the final boss on chapter II of Knight’s Quest)
    -Useless costumes (only the dragon one is cool)
    -Non-members do nothing (don’t reply to this comment with things like: “then they must pay” because i’ll totally ignore it) non-members did a LOT more at the 2012’s Medieval Party. Heck, some of them with pure luck did the Scorn Quest (which was originally for members) when you complete a potion for the first time Gary says: “Make all to get a wizardly hat” which means that non-members get only the hat? Or that is a mistake?

    I know, this isn’t spike hike’s fault. But, don’t you see that something is wrong? The 2013’s Medieval Party is COMPLETELY nothing compared to last year! Since the 2008 mp was awesome and Billybob was the founder. Now I don’t really like this and the founder is Spike…Don’t be angry at me (i don’t want to spike to be sad if he read this) But really, it can’t be just a normal case.

    I don’t want to say that new penguins are noobs if they say that this Medieval Party is better than last year’s. I just wanna say them:

    “I’m sorry for you, because you will never know how awesome were the last medieval parties. Please get to a wiki or something and compare this party to this 2012 one”

    Note: with this comment i don’t want mad replies, it’s just my opinion about how bad this party is compared to the last ones. I’m not saying 2013 is a bad year, because we got things like CJS and the Rainbow Puffle, which I was waiting by years. I don’t want to say that everyone who likes this party is stupid or something like that. I’m just mad with the new party features.

    Also, by reading Spike Hike’s comment, which says that he’s very sorry about that new EPF (and with EPF I think we’re talking about actual features, so just not EPF) makes me happy and let me know that hope is not lost at all. We might get back old cp style, or maybe even a better style than than ye olde style.

    Sorry for the long comment and, Train, can you please reply me and compare the 2012 with the 2013 medieval party? Thanks!

    -A nostalgic old 2009 penguin

    • Unfortunately I don’t have the time to do a long comparison but I will say this: the overall aim of parties has changed within the last year. It used to be lightly decorate some rooms for a random reason, add a few items, and you’re good to go. Sometimes they’d throw in a little something extra, like the knight’s quest. Now this year it was different in which they spent a lot of work into the design of the rooms and that’s about it. The activity keeps you engaged by having to log on each day. It feels different, and why I don’t mind it I don’t love it.

  3. I saw you on fog today! Just as you left, Gary arrived! There was only around ten people there and it was so fun without people shouting add me or crowding him!

  4. i did all the things during the past days! especially the wizard class, and the jousting match earlier today, so how they knew it??

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