Help Club Penguin With an Episode of #WaddleOn

Club Penguin needs your help for next week’s (not tomorrow’s) episode of #WaddleOn! To summarise the post, the 12th episode is going to be a “best of” show, aka an episode showing our favourite past clips. Here’s the post:

Episode 12 of #WaddleOn (appearing on 10/4/13) is going to be a BEST OF show, but we need your help – tell us your FAVORITE #WaddleOn sketches!  They can be from any episode.

Blacksmith Force?  Statue Roommates?  Alien Diner?  Or something else?  Let us know, and you’ll decide which sketches we use in the show!


Which sketches would you like to see in the twelfth episode?

The following page has been updated:

31 thoughts on “Help Club Penguin With an Episode of #WaddleOn

  1. URGH! your poll this week is impossible! the Holiday Party AND Halloween Party are my favorites! how could I choose between them? LOL

  2. Trainman! I unlocked the Treasure Book and the Treasure Book has a NEW cover, however, it only appeared for a split second then changed to the old one. However, I still have the photo. Look! I also recorded it of me unlocking it. My Youtube channel is Phineas99cp, However, I havent uploaded it yet since I need to go, but this is a very quick message.

  3. They should totally make statue alien force! *sarcasm* What they should make more of though is Statue Roommates. Heck, I would actually like to see Statue Roommates on Disney channel or something.

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