Club Penguin Video: Internet Safety Starts With You

A new video by the UK Club Penguin Team has been uploaded to their YouTube channel and also on the blog. This video, containing celebrity endorsement, is all about internet safety. Its catchphrase is that it “starts with you”

Here is what Daffodaily5 wrote about it on the blog:

I’m super excited to share a new video with you all! As part of an online safety campaign that started today in the UK, we put together a short animation about how to stay safe when using the internet. The cool thing about this version of the video is it’s introduced by Una Healy from the UK pop group, The Saturdays! Pretty epic, huh? Check it out!

The following page has been updated:

11 thoughts on “Club Penguin Video: Internet Safety Starts With You

  1. OMG! On UK morning TV Daybreak I saw that Club Penguin provided poll results about internet safety! And that girl appeared on the Daybreak sofa too!

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