Club Penguin Blog: What’s New In October 2013

Tomorrow is the first day of October! To prepare us for Club Penguin’s updates throughout the month, Polo Field has made a new post on the blog teasing a few updates to expect throughout the month. He also said that in order to have more time to decorate for Halloween the new furniture catalogue will be released with the Penguin Style instead of a week later. Here is his post:

Breaking news! The October Furniture Catalog will have a new release date. It will be available¬†this Thursday, October 3 along with the Penguin Style catalog. The team wanted to give you¬†plenty of time to decorate for Halloween…until then, can you figure out these October teasers?


From left to right my guesses are:

  • A leaf and log
  • Some sort of decoration
  • Puffle food?

Yes I am clueless.

The following page has been updated:

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  1. Me and my dad’s birthday are in October! His is October 2nd mine is October 14th!
    I was wondering Trainman, could you come to my birthday party on CP times,date,ect I don’t know yet

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