Spike Hike Teases iPhone, Android, and Server Jumping

“When’s My Penguin coming to iPhone?” “When’s My Penguin coming to Android?” “When’s server jumping coming?” are probably the three most popular questions Club Penguin is asked. Spike Hike teased them on Twitter today so chances are they’re coming soon!

His tweet:

Server jumping was mentioned earlier today in his post on My Penguin 1.2. Maybe we’ll see it along with My Penguin on iPhone and Android by the end of this year? What do you think?

10 thoughts on “Spike Hike Teases iPhone, Android, and Server Jumping

  1. Awesome! i have a android phone, and have been looking forward to server jumping since i joined CP.

    thanks for the update train!



  2. i still don’t really get why everyone has been begging for server jumping. If you want to switch servers, all you have to do is log out and log back on to a different server. the only time i can think of when it would be useful is when tracking mascots, but hardly anyone tracks mascots any more because CP gives us meetup times now.

  3. I can’t wait for server jumping!!!!! And all the other stuff to!!!!
    Random question
    Trainman have you heard “replay” by Zendaya Coleman. It’s A REALLY GOOD SONG! I’m glad i got to meet her 2 weeks ago in Denver Colorado USA!!! Also on Club Penguin!


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