Spike Hike and Polo Field Show Off Igloo Features In My Penguin 1.2

The My Penguin update will be here in two more days! With the release date nearly being here, Spike Hike has showed off all of the igloo features that will be in the 1.2 version of My Penguin. He even made a possible server jumping reference! Check out the full post:

Hey Penguins!

Last week we revealed the epic news that My Penguin 1.2 is coming to iPad, with all-new 3D penguin avatars! Of course, penguins need a place to hang out… and what better place to hang out than your iggy? That’s right, igloos are coming to the next version of My Penguin!!


Here’s how it works: when you log into My Penguin on iPad, you’ll see your igloo as it appears on clubpenguin.com. Re-decorating your igloo in My Penguin is super-fast, too — thanks to an all-new touch interface that takes full advantage of the iPad! When you save your iggy design, it will appear on clubpenguin.com as well. Pretty cool, eh?


MyPenguin_Igloo_Interface-1377615177Just like on clubpenguin.com, you can invite your friends to check out your igloo or visit theirs. My Penguin has a brand new interface that lets you see a preview of igloos for easy browsing. It will make it so much faster to find igloo parties!


For those interested in our technology, My Penguin uses entirely new tech that will be the future foundation of Club Penguin. Servers will work a little differently. Instead of logging into a server, we will take you directly to the igloo you want to go to. If the iggy gets full, we will spin up another version of that igloo so that more people can join. This will be really handy for the most popular iggys. Now if we only had a jump feature… :-)

Waddle On!!

Wow, this looks amazing! I can’t wait until the update is released so I can use it myself! Polo Field also tweeted a picture of himself using it:

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