Puffle Food Digging Coming This Thursday

Club Penguin still isn’t done adding features to Puffle Digging! First coins then items and now…Puffle Food!┬áStarting this Thursday, August 15th, you will be able to walk your Puffle and have it dig for food, too. It is unknown if this feature will be limited to members or not. Here is what Polo Field said on the blog:

It’s been great seeing so many penguins taking their puffles for walks. Now I’ve got some big news about puffle digging for members! Starting August 15, your puffle will be able to dig up their favorite food.

Here’s the best part… when your puffle eats their favorite treat, all their stats will go up to 100%!


Tip: The higher your puffle’s stats, the more likely they are to dig up more coins? W00t!

What food do you think your puffles will dig up?

Maybe they’ll add new foods too? It seems like it.

The following page has been updated:

15 thoughts on “Puffle Food Digging Coming This Thursday

  1. Train, Also update your upcoming events calender on the right side of this site so penguins are more aware of this update! Be sure to include it in tomorrow’s Reminder CP Updates post.

    Thanks and Byeee

  2. Hey train I was asking one of the wprkers at cp about if the blue lei would. Ever come back and here is waht I found that was interesting she said.

    “I don’t believe the Blue Lei will come back, but you may find an item closely related at the Teen Beach Party! Keep posted!

  3. Train I tickled my puffles and the same animation appeared a d my puffle had full stats this was on Monday can you help with the explanation?!

  4. train i got some news i think i know the October party its a Pokemon X and Y party because cp emailed me and said it when i sent them an email

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