Three Unreleased Stamps In Teen Beach Movie Game On Commercial

In the Teen Beach Movie Game On Commercial I noticed a little something – there’s unreleased stamps! When the commercial shows the penguin’s playercard it says there are 355 stamps. I double checked on Club Penguin and we only have 351!

The commercial:


Current Club Penguin:

Screen Shot 2013-08-17 at 7.49.37 PM

What exactly are those three unreleased stamps? I have no clue, but I figured I would point it out in the meantime. I wonder what they are and when they’ll be released?

EDIT: Apparently it’s 352 stamps and not 351. I guess my browser cache didn’t update when Club Penguin added a new stamp on Thursday. Weird. Thanks Girish2002!

27 thoughts on “Three Unreleased Stamps In Teen Beach Movie Game On Commercial

  1. hi and im the first one here (wizards only fools keep it tight) My password ******** and ********* i have two penguins

  2. Wow! You´re like Sherlock Holmes! LOL That is the reason of why I love this blog, you post EVERYTHING! It´s going to be epic, but the movie is bad. But I´m still having hopes for this party, I think it will be good. You´re epic Trainman, Uhh, and I like trains too :P

  3. So basically, non-members can’t meet McKenzie or Brady? At least I’m member right now. Are Chee Chee and Cadence coming along as well Train? Please answer!

    • Mascot stamps…. so I believe these mascots arent limited? Club Penguin is giving the penguins to Ross Lynch and Maia Mitchell…. hmm :O

  4. Trainman, I posted a comment with lots of spelling mistakes in july month in review but you never posted it. Please post it. It is a bit long and if you can can you correct the spelling mistakes.

  5. i dont think its mack and brady stamps bcuz last year when we had cece and rocky they didnt hav stamps bcuz they were meetable once and i think mack and brady will be too

  6. hey trainman i was puffle digging and then i got treasure and it was a hamburger for the puffles food just wanting to let you know that there is a hamberger food for puffles no lie

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