Club Penguin Teen Beach Movie Summer Jam Game On Commercial

Disney Channel has been airing a new Game On commercial these last few days and it’s all about Club Penguin and the upcoming Teen Beach Movie party that starts this Thursday! As usual I have recorded a copy of it for you to watch. There are many sneak peeks in this commercial, so watch at your own risk if you don’t want the party spoiled!

Here are screenshots of all of the sneak peeks in the commercial:

The Dock, which has an access spot in the bottom right corner for the special surfing game. I think the brown bit is a party catalogue icon.


The items shown are all for members. There’s The Lela, Lela’s Biker Outfit, Lela’s Boots, Lela’s Red Dress, Red Biker Shoes, The Tanner, Tanner’s Outfit, The Giggles, Bubble Gum, Giggle’s Pink Outfit, The Seacat, and the Seacats Blue Outfit.


Here is Big Momma’s, a special party room. If you’re a member you can meet the party’s special mascots, Brady and McKenzie, in the backstage area.


Here is a sneak peek of the surfing game. There is a biker on a surfboard…lol!


Here are the bikers on CP’s Highway:


Another sneak peek, I’m not sure which room this is. Maybe the Cove? You can also see the three special party emotes. There’s a beach ball, a surfboard, and a third one I am not too sure of.


An outfit sneak peek. (lots of coins and even unreleased stamps!) You can also see the Beach in the background.


Another catalogue sneak peek. Shown are McKenzie’s Beach Outfit, McKensize’s Beach Shoes, Magic Surfboard, The Brady, Brady’s Biker Outfit, Brady’s Shoes, and Brady’s Sneakers.


The third and final catalogue sneak peek shows Butchy’s Bike Helmet, Red Motorbike, Black Motorbike, Pink Motorbike, Lela’s Bike Helmet, and Brady’s Surfboard.


Finally, another party room. I wonder which room this is? There is a free background you will be able to earn in this room in the bottom left.


It all looks very awesome!

24 thoughts on “Club Penguin Teen Beach Movie Summer Jam Game On Commercial

  1. what??? Mack and Brady are only meetable for members? i feel so bad :( i tought they were going to visit freeplaces too, this sucks!! were back to the 2009 times, when the mascots were members only (like cadence in dance-a-thon)

  2. *reads post* Well, it’s time to stay up all night on the computer to earn coins! :/ But still, I thought this party was gonna be awful, but… I was wrong! This party looks the best party in 2013 yet!

  3. Trainman, I posted a comment with lots of spelling mistakes in july month in review but you never posted it. Please post it. It is a bit long and if you can can you correct the spelling mistakes.

  4. By the way they are not only for members it’s probably gonna be like the music jam non members and members can watch the show and get a stamp but only members can go back stage

  5. Wait, we’re meeting Mack and Brady, yet… we can be their twins. Why didnt they do this for Rocky and Cece? Ah well I don’t care, at least I can dress up as Brady! :)

  6. train, will mack and brady visit other places apart the backstage? i think they have to go to big momma’s too or the beach, what do you think?

    • It works in general yes, but because My Penguin is an iPad only app it can’t be used to install My Penguin on the iPhone or iPod Touch.

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