Club Penguin Blog – What’s New In September

As August comes to an end and September quickly approaches us, Polo Field has made a new post on Club Penguin’s blog giving some sneak peeks for next month’s updates. Here’s what he said:

September is just around the corner and we have a bunch of exciting stuff coming up for you.

You may have already heard that the Medieval Party is headed our way on September 19! The team is excited to bring back a classic Club Penguin party with a completely new twist. Here’s a sneak peek of what’s to come:


In other exciting news, Rockhopper is coming back to the island! Stay tuned to the blog and we’ll have some meet up times so you don’t miss him.

I wonder what the new twist will be?

The following page has been updated:

23 thoughts on “Club Penguin Blog – What’s New In September

  1. I think my idea is a combination of the Medieval Parties and the Adventure Parties! Notice the first picture? It looks like those kind of palm trees from the Adventure Parties! The eye may be some sort of a totem too…Probably Hakuna Matata (The name from the volcano from last years Adventure Party or whatever its called) returns again!

  2. Hmmm, I think that it will have a darker theme with a storm and then that will lead to Halloween and then shadow ninjas! First is shadow ninja or scales, secondmisma dragon’s eye and third is a magic potion or bubble or something… Goo, I think. -Jjoeyxx

  3. Maybe some epic new armor and… Rockhopper’s visiting? What about Gary?
    Well, at least I already met him so I can just get his background.

  4. I wish they would make a Jamestown Expedition – Medieval Party. I’m sure you know about Jamestown, the first English PERMANENT Colony, in North America. I’ve had this idea in my mind for a LONG time. Rockhopper (Christopher Newport) will sail to a new land, with 3 ships, The Migrator (Susan Constant), and 2 other ships club penguin can name (they will be the Godspeed and Discovery). And then our adventure with Rockhopper will begin. Not only that, but penguins can choose what job they wanna do (such as Goldsmiths) and choose the ship they wanna go on. You will unlock new quests every day of the party. Members will be Explorers or part of Tribes, and Non-members can be parts of the indian tribes (such as the Powhatan). If you don’t know what is Jamestown (if your from another Continent or something…) CLICK THIS LINK ~



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