UK Players: Win a Club Penguin Moderation Master Class!

Daffodaily5 has made an announcement regarding a contest for UK players! Check out her full post below. It’s important you read the whole thing.

As you know, we’ve got a huge team of trained moderators all around the world, helping to keep Club Penguin safe. Our support team also receives a load of emails from you guys asking to come and visit one of our offices, to learn more about what it takes to be a CP moderator.

Well I’m excited to say, as part of Aim High, we’re offering the chance for 5 UK players to win a day trip to our office in Brighton on 31st July, where they’ll get a unique opportunity to meet the CP team and take part in a Moderation Master Class! Pretty epic, eh?

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If you’re in the UK and that sounds like something you’d be interested in, please ask your parents to enter for the chance to win. Details of how your parents can enter can be found here: Aim High Competition T&Cs

The closing date is Monday  22nd July at 9am (UK time), so if you want to enter you better be quick! Good luck! :)

It stinks that it’s UK only, but oh well! I’d definitely enter if Americans were allowed to. Oh well. If you’re entering I wish you luck!

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56 thoughts on “UK Players: Win a Club Penguin Moderation Master Class!

  1. Epic, but I’m not in the UK :( I can’t enter, good look to the winners, they will meet Spike Hike and Polo Field?

  2. Me no live in UK… >:(
    Though how much does the CP membership with the puffle treehouse? :D

  3. So unfair. UK players get everything, while the US and Canadian and Australian players get nothing…… they just care about the UK. But oh well, Polo Field and Spike Hike won’t be there, as both of them live in Canada! But I am sure that Daffodaily5 will be there!

    • Are you kidding? We get no Club Penguin toys compared to you!

      In the Argos catalog, they only have Puffles plushes and the Ice Rink playset >_>

    • Are you kidding? We get no Club Penguin toys compared to you!

      In the Argos catalog, they only have Puffles plushes and the Ice Rink playset >_>

    • Well, we don’t get everything! Where I live, the Disney Shop just closed last year (and it had no CP stuff anyway) and you get all of the new figures and toys, whereas we still sell series 3/4 stuff! You even get exclusive membership cards! Honestly, it may sound like we get everything, but I think that the Americans get much more than us! ;) Everything is Moshi Monsters here, which I used to play about four or five years ago but I stopped playing ever since they were CLEARLY copying off Club Penguin. Anyway, you have to basically go on a treasure hunt to find CP Magazine, or any other UK exclusives! XD

  4. Once again Daffo….I don’t have anything against you but looks like the only place you think it exists is the UK. C’mon people from Mexico, USA, or ANY other place from the world NEVER have these awesome type of stuff. What does the UK have that other countries don’t have? (Apart from the Queen Elizabeth)

  5. I’m waiting for them to open a HQ in Washington DC in USA. Then, my dad would only have to drive like 30 minutes. That will be the tour of a lifetime for my sister, cousin and me. ORRRR… they buy the plane flights for us XD

  6. Gosh, people! You should really come to the UK and go Club Penguin shopping, all you’ll get is a Puffle plush toy!

    Stop complaining and be thankful that you can even some decent toys.

  7. I live in the UK and going to enter! :) I feel bad for USA, but I am so excited!!! I might get to meet Daffodaily and possibly become a Moderator for a day! Do you think there will be any free codes or sneak peeks of future rooms/parties? Maybe I will get to see Rockhopper Island. YAAAAY! OMG I HOPE I WIN! (fingers crossed) LOL

    • They could’ve made a contest for CANADIANS.
      Ik that U.S got so much plushies and toys. idk about Australia. But as I said i never saw any plushies (tho i saw game day and memberships and i bought the membership only) i can tell by the comments above that Uk only gets 3,4, or 5 stuff In stores in Uk (Ice rink,Membersip,maybe game day, innocent smoothies and puffle plushie) So atleast make an arabic server (off topic) or make a CANADIAN contest. ~Abdul54

  8. In romania its nothing about clubpenguin in no one of magazines What the heck! Europe sucks :| even UK is in europe but i live near hungaria :| Lameeeeeee

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