Quick Twitter Bits From Spike Hike To Keep You In The Loop

Spike Hike has recently tweeted a few noteworthy updates on Club Penguin’s future plans. For those of you without a Twitter account here is what he said!

Are more Club Penguin songs on the way? Yes!

More social features are coming soon!

A form of server jumping is coming soon, whatever that means.

Finally, Club Penguin’s Waddle On video series will be starting soon, with the first one hopefully being uploaded within the next week.

That’s all for now!

26 thoughts on “Quick Twitter Bits From Spike Hike To Keep You In The Loop

  1. Awesome im looking forward to the only-private chat mode because they dont know what were saying, only private chat things. And server jumping :3

    • we don’t mean purchased codes we meant the codes that club penguin put for everyone to use like a list and put all the codes and if there new codes you put em too

  2. it’s been almost a year since the kept saying “server jumping coming soon. stay tuned!” watch they say the same thing over and over again! wat you think bro???

  3. Woww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That sounds epic! I remember Club Penguin made a video about Server Jumping not too long ago. The thing about Private chat is, they could pretend they’re friends with someone, and then they could tell their other friend to go to for example the Iceberg, it’s kind of like ditching. Also, if someone is being mean through private chat, through regular chat, someone could report them if they saw them being mean to someone else, but through private chat other people can’t report them because they can’t see them talking to someone else.

  4. I’m guessing server jumping is if your on server Abominable, then you switched to server Bobsled without logging off. Which sounds awesome!

  5. Private chat is a bad idea.
    My Gramma has problems on a website with bad people sending private messages.
    If grownups have problems, kids will too.

  6. I think Spike Hike read my mind! I was wondering just recently when Club Penguin would release their next song! :D
    Also, I can’t wait for server jumping and Waddle On!

  7. It is normal spike hike follow the famous people this is my first suggestion.
    2) He really likes Trainman1405.
    3) Trainman1405 is his favorite.
    Me I think that Spike Hike is a fan of trainman s blog so he decided to follow him…

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